when everything else fails

An Apology in Empty Words

i just want to say sorry
i’ve got no words to write
they are drowned deep somewhere
in the oceans of sorrow i try to hide

ink is full in my stylus
tears are full in my eyes
i don’t know which to choose
to write an apology in empty words
ink or tears

tears dissolve in the ink i write
flames in my heart burn on the paper i write
lies i wrote painted my dreams in black
i wrote of fallen stars
dreamt of stars forbidden for me
sorry was the word i forgot to carve
in the flesh of my burning heart

now i want to
write in my poetry. . .
a ballad of deepest regrets
for a ballad of darkest dreams
. . .written in my poetry
a long time ago
when i dreamt of stars

i just want to say sorry
give me a chance to break my illusions
accept my apology in empty words
so much to forget
so much to regret


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