when everything else fails

Dying Daylights (For A Fallen Angel)

Dying rays of a forgotten past illuminated in her pale frame
Painted golden hue is the sand ever pure and white
Myriad colors from an eternal frame now grace the sky ever blue
Memories of a past she wants to forget I see in the dying daylights

A bouquet of white flowers she holds in her shaking hands
Trembling lips dare not say, but her watery eyes ocean deep
Tells of storms the past hid in the horizons afar
Something she tries to hide clad in silvery white

A statue from the marble halls of Atlantis I see in front of me
Urge to step closer, defy my fear to break her eternal vigil
Want to soothe, want to hold close but the dying dusks warn of darkness to come
Can’t wait for time anymore for fear of her frame melting in the endless nights

The light will be gone soon, hidden below the horizon
Shall it lighten the temples of Atlantis again, never before white
But I stole a ray of light, saved in my heart’s box
For the fallen angel of Atlantis beside my side


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