when everything else fails

Swan Call

swans are flying high tonight
upon the endless orange skies
a call from winter i feel is high
they all forgot me they all fly away

there was sunlight bright and strong
a few days ago i remember
as i basked on a lake of silvery white
the music of her croon had my ears

from deep within was a sense of calm
i realized the taste of freedom
it held me high deep in her bosom
sparkling drops splattered on her silvery wings

why i wonder now why it took time
to realize they would never have called
i should have gone but it’s too late now
they are gone and she is gone too

i will watch them fly high and away
till this orange sky fades to dark
my silvery lake will then release
all it’s dark secrets hidden deep within
only for me because i stayed here
i stayed only because they left me here


One response

  1. crownlessxx

    being away from home..tasting the freedom but paying a high price for that liberty one could feel so lonely..but it is only a life he chose for himself.
    the poet is wondering what good is freedom if there’s nothing to be free from..this reminds me of a saying which i heard sometime back now where i don’t remember from ..reads”loneliness is a choice”

    i could think of many things from this one..being away from home left to survive amid strangers that now are friends when there’s nobody to trust in who could have preferred to be as open as he was once..well only if he ever was lol forgive me if I’m talking crap lol

    ok back to the point the poet seems to wants their presence within himself eventhough the lack of his allowance for that has driven them away..he still longs for what is fading in to gray

    December 4, 2008 at 1:51 am

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