when everything else fails

Anesthesia for Dummies (rabbits beware)

they refused to sleep
in fact they slept in the end
but it was unexpected at best

furry and fluffy was thought to be lovely
cotton white fur, oh i’m allergic
ruby red eyes, hey now i’m scared
it was not too heavy nor was it light
the scale read 1.4kg and the dose read 4ml per kg
so the logic deemed 6ml is enough
to put the furry thing to sleep

fact it did fall apart
in to a deep slumber
never we though rabbits pretend
we thought we did alright
but it was not as nightmares danced
around the fucked up lab

daylight streamed through the vents
a weird color for a torture chamber
they watched us with hawkish eyes
hearts turned to stone by graying hairs

yeah nightmares, but it was not for us
the poor thing endured it all
after all it was not our fault
the instructions read “anesthesia”
in big spidery letters

it was all it’s fucking fault
we measured the dose alright
yeah we added a bit extra
but it was gonna do some good wasn’t it
they asked us to put it to sleep
sleep it did not
that was not our fault we swear
note that in your book now
in big red letters

maybe the dose was wrong
hey no we did it alright
the stupid fucker is still wide awake
hey we got no carrots
and the farmer’s goat got all the cabbage

they said it’s now ok
crucifix the bugger on the operation table
get going you lazy bumheads time is running fast
so we did coz they told so blame us not

sheared all the throat hair
coz it’s the latest rabbit fashion
pose for the camera a bit
you are now a camwhore

incision on throat, separate the vagus nerve
hold your nerve now sweet rabbit
you are soon a goner and i’m a loner
so we did coz they told so blame us not

all that blood is not mine
it’s all your’s coz i cut your artery
it was a mistake but i’m god now
coz only god and computers never make mistakes

i know you feel pain, but you are fixed tight
and now you are gonna bleed
it was not my sweet fault baby
you refused to sleep and now endure
you are my prey now and that’s not your fault
that our paths crossed unexpectedly

was the dose not enough
coz all rabbits smoked weed
hey now don’t tell me it’s true
i got enough going for me
they are breathing steam behind me
coz i fucked it all, but it’s not my fault

this rabbit was high on crack
or whatever rabbits smoke these days
the dose was not enough i swear
it was not my fucking fault
the bugger is now sleeping at last
eternal sleep, sweet dreams baby


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