when everything else fails

No. 45

dream of a world where skies are purple
a darker shade of gray
a circle, it’s coming back to me
all the clouds, all the rain gone astray

we met a long time ago
in a dark misty railway station
big engines drowned in their rolling ego
on a beaten track flowed their elation

fresh from the country plains
you asked the way to no. 45
it was all wet as the coffee stains
when we let our shame take a dive

what went next was a shade of darker hue
as you rested your head and sighed
no. 45 knew all the footsteps in and due
never a step out seen since the days it lighted

sigh for the breath of ice
a darker shade of blue
all my heavens come crashing back to me
it’s raining acid, a purple hue


One response

  1. crownlessxx

    once a year..the season of winter come and move on ..it all in time will come back to you ..it’s all a circle in which you feel these weirdnesses..where you can even laugh in cold misery ..some people like it.. when it’s all gone they can even miss it..coldness is a state of mind what if one could find all the warmth a living being longs for in the winter that is considered mean in general..which is often misunderstood..

    when the downy snow flakes of so called meanness of winter drives the light of the day away what mysteries one could feel out of the darkness it has brought upon..a poet could get inspired by that darkness since the darkness is questioned often and still holds such pure mysteries that not in a life time one could figure out..and how many works..songs poems and stories have seen the light due to that curiousity..

    so that passion for metaphorical darkness which winter holds, one could possess, is a gift and a fountain of ideas and a tongue for tastes..lol

    December 5, 2008 at 5:03 pm

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