when everything else fails

Tomorrow Came Yesterday

They were trying to roll the thing back, it was not moving, not that it was supposed to, it laid there snug, like yesterday and day before. In fact eons ago it was there, not an inch differed in position.

“Fuck it all, we are not gonna have any luck, keep the bugger there and let’s get lost” steamed A through his muffler. A crash of steel was heard while B slammed his shovel in to the soil. “Boss, really what are we doing in this cold, if this goes like this we are gonna be numb like Z” it was a meek voice for a big man like B, but everyone knew he made sure his voice was heard. A was having nothing of it. “Z is a dumbfuck, he should have rested his ass on that bunk of his and said goodbye sweet world. Now we gotta pay for it”

“It’s friggin cold boss” comes the wheezing sound of C, “Leave that thing there, we got nothing from it, it’s not gonna solve any problems now howmuch Z swears on it”

The winter had been harsh this time, but nobody felt it like the souls hard at the dig. In fact the dig had happened for quite a few weeks. The morale among the men was at the lowest point. They were unable to move it a bit say lift it and transport it to the camp.

“Boss what the heck we are digging here” B’s meek voice disguised the contempt the man felt for being out in the cold. “I know fucking nothing, Z said this is gonna work and now that old fart is dead like his crooked dog before him” A was surely not in a mood for a chat.

“Fuck you boss, atleast tell me what is this stupid shine, the sun was gone long ago, but this thing glare in the freezing snow like an alien beacon” Nobody remembered that voice, till it sounded, high pitched and laid with rage. D was watching silently while the men were digging. “Keep your mouth shut sissy, You got nothing to do with this” screamed A, but that scream was no match to what he got in return. “You can call me a pussy, coz that’s what I am, If you are men you should have dug that fucking thing out by now. Shame on you”

“It’s diamond” came the mumbled reply, even A couldn’t match D by screaming, he was still game with B when it comes to whispering. “It’s diamond baby, now calm down. We got no chance here, Z can rest in his box and we better dig our graves ready too” A’s voice betrayed the hopelessness he felt. It reflected in the men and of course the woman coz there was no reply from D.

The blame squarely felt on Z, and as the story goes on, not even the dead can rest when they were a failure in life. Z hoped it will solve all, a giant crystal of diamond, forged deep in the caverns of hell. To channel energy from the fading sun. Atleast for sometime, till the sun got swallowed by the smoke and left alone the beings on earth for their impending doom. Z had his plans, he had his teams. The problem was finding a material to channel energy, diamond would have done, even quartz would have done. But the problem was to find one big enough. Luck was never at man’s side. They knew it from the old times. If they were lucky this would not have happened. This winter, bound to be the last winter coz there is not gonna be a summer again, last and eternal winter. Dubbed the mushroom winter, by the doomed souls who were not fortunate to die with the mushroom clouds which spawned from inch to inch. It was a final war but the sanity of men was long lost and this was anyway expected.

“What now boss?” walking through the freezing path no end in sight, sighs C. B had been all silent since the dig was abandoned. D was leading the group, A was next but he kept a wide berth with D. “I dunno, that bugger Z choose this exact moment to die, I wanna curse his broken soul for not going ka boom with the clouds”

“He atleast gave some hope, even it’s now gone” C throws the shovel he is carrying. “Hmm this thing is no need, we are gonna die anyway, die hard die light”

“fucking die hard die light, even when we are gonna die, you have not lost your humor” smiles B. It was a fake smile, the big man was sure agitated. Sometimes a smile can cure all hardships, smile in your troubles it will all vanish, they used to say. But for a group who knew exactly how long they had to live, even the slightest smile is gonna be painful.

“Where are you taking us baby” shoots A. “Haha our man grew balls at last” snorts C. “Now see…” A narrow glance from D silences him. “Back to our spawn, the hungry hellhounds waiting for our grub, those filthy things we call our husbands, our wives, our children. What in the fucking hell are we gonna tell them, That all hope is abandoned and now prepare to die?” D was always the hothead. But her voice now seemed full of exhaustion.

Cold winds blew, in a cruel autumn morning . . . It was not supposed to be like that, autumns were warm while children played on the falling leaves, Old couples enjoyed their time under park benches while the flirty young couple wanted the bench for themselves. But when you had all your world blown away, you can’t expect the whether to be same as before. It was all predicted. Mushroom clouds meant endless winter even it was supposed to be the sunniest day on earth.

“How would a diamond have saved us” comes a fading whisper in the raging storm. B was trying to change the topic. Atleast the two should keep peace for now, they can quarrel the eternity when they are snug in their graves, If they wish they can share a common grave hand wrapped around hand. Here lies A and D, gallant souls who gave their lives for a cause RIP. Fucking cause.

“Got no idea, it was supposed to be like charging our batteries by directing the solar energy through the diamond blah blah, ask Z” A sounded like half the man who led the team to the diamond. “It was never gonna work in first case, we should have dug our graves, the time we wasted there, should have be enough to give all the remaining souls a deserved burial”

Humans were a curious race, they never gave up even the end was in plain sight, It was all their fault, but still they had hope. That they might get out of it. It was all the chaos of the cosmos. Nobody was powerful to prevent, when doom struck, it struck hard.

As some exhausted souls treaded slowly on a path long faded by snow, the thing watched, watched their fading steps. It didn’t understand. Still it was weak, but the fading sun was slowly charging it up. It will be strong soon, then it will be able to analyze all the data, collected since eons ago. It’s masters were waiting. Maybe they were not. But channeling them was its duty. The thing was proud. It took all its work seriously. All it need was a little energy, a little more . . .


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