when everything else fails

No. 45 (part 2)

cry bloodshot eyes for the feel of wet soil
a darker shade of red
my head is now spinning on the coil
the purple acid from my eyes i shed

gunshots i heard in the floor beneath
while you laid your head and sighed
maybe the poor souls dragged underneath
had nothing to do because they were snared

in your heat i tried to hide my shame
on our wet sheet faded all your country soul
smoking guns breathing sulfur, up the staircase they came
your naked soul was offered bare in your new role

purple light danced among the fairies of the night
my body burned sulfur and spewed smoke
no. 45 knew all it’s windows, so did i by sight
while u laid bare, no tears to choke

was raining acid all the night, where the pipes climbed
behind the dark alley it stood looming high
my broken soul crashed through a window while midnight bells chimed
from behind i heard your muffled sigh

feel no more because it’s the end
a darker shade of black
this purple world is spinning because of my blend
no. 45 still looms high behind the station shack


One response

  1. crownlessxx

    haha i think interpreting this would be quite unpleasing for other readers since i know the exact happening in this since you explained it to me..

    but i should say that reading this poem built this movie like atmosphere for me to even visualize the scenes behind my eyes as if they were really happening and it is in fact a real feeling human bend down to since they all are slaves to the passion ..this poem is very human..and describes how fucked up the society has been..

    December 8, 2008 at 4:37 am

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