when everything else fails

The Elder

when you feel like its all over
all you can do is fly
when your soul counts the daylight stars
all you can do is try

beside the solemn lake shore
silent and serene as ever been
if you hear the long grass whisper
it is never strange, promise i have seen

on the endless plains you roam
coolness of breeze lifts your spirits
if you see the patterns the wind drew
it is never strange, i swear to no limits

when you feel like the moon is singing
all you can do is abide
when ancient trees bow to your presence
all you can do is guide

as you move deep in the moonlit path
the wolf pack tread silent and low
if you heed their calling to you
it is never strange, accept the flow

under ancient grooves of wooden heart
fables of lore are read all aloud
if you understand the mystic words
it is never strange, you are allowed

when the mantle passes on to you
take it with all your heart and soul
when they all call you elder
all you can do is bow


One response

  1. crownlessxx

    i just came from reading that you-know-what book and feeling weird in a weirder way and just took a look at this ..and at the first sight i say i sank in to this poem..like i found a place to rest lol you know for a poem all that matters is not only the choice of words or language but simplicity in which one could find a little solace..that i felt i did find ..

    so speaking of the content of this ..i could give more than one interpretation for this and I’m not going to tell you the obvious first-strike impression it would plant upon the reader but the second thought one could get outa it in my case ironically i saw in the first shot lol..I’m fallen ..hard and long and i just regained consciousness and this poem is likely talking to me telling me that what life could offer me is not over eventhough that’s how it seems and all the words are full of cheerfulness and passion i don’t have to wonder about the changes it has made after that fall ..after some serious break up lets say, everything changes ..you never look at your life the same a break up with your beloved one or something else..i don’t think i have to interpret this since it’s pretty straight forward to me ..and in spite of what you meant by these words i see this very cheerful message hidden in this lol and thanks ..

    btw i see passion in your poetry now lol which was previously mostly made outa sheer fantasy stuff lol and in this too .. i guess this also has that fantasy touch in it but yet it never fails to touch my heart as if it was of pure passion for life and living

    December 8, 2008 at 4:32 am

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