when everything else fails

No. 45 revisited

summer mornings, chirping birds awoke me
bright daylight sparkled on the silent stream
evening whisper of grass a soothing lullaby be
lanterns played with moonlight as i lived the dream

memories of long ago weeps
to warm my broken heart
as the fading sense of reality seeps
darkness hit me swift as a dart

we met a not so long ago
in a dark and misty railway station
while the engines cranked their ego
carriages full of flowing elation

you showed me the way the nearest
not that i blame you for this loose
but why not mister dearest
give me a chance to choose

i remember as we laid on the sheet
slivery darts from below took your life
the sound of life as your heart beat
you took the high window my deepest strife

the graveyard sways calm in the autumn wind
as your crumbled bones and soil entwine
i know not your name nor how to find
so rest mister in your unmarked shrine


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