when everything else fails

An Eternal Kiss

his own misty streets to the north
poverty adorns them as he walks forth
the smell of pigs and filth
yet he isn’t the one to loathe

the music of lonely children’s cry
noisy music he was asked to abide
but as he went by ..he knew not why
the cry was there to fall upon, by his side

green wind off the fields way off the city
and sunny solitude,slow floating leaves
upon the clear streams of water held such pity..
for things he hid in his sleeves

fragrant of flowers and browny sight of corn
with his left-over in the fields,
under the cotton-like sky he would have sworn
to the soil of his love

downy flakes of december, eerie silence of the night
had him laid awake with aching sighs
fixed looks in the pages, reflected by the candle light
did never kiss him goodbye

loving endlessly with expecting nothing in return
he might have died million times
rotting in his private shell within her flames he burn..
that shame he was wrapped in was too sublime..

desolated souls outside the window
floating around lost,that he had such pity for
despite his gaze, a symbol of life,
a world of solitary is there to devour

while he clinged to passion with spread limbs
there was things that he would miss
but towards the serenity as he slowly limped
tears for fallen, his eternal kiss


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