when everything else fails

Hallucinating in the Midnight Dreams

she thrashes the sheets beside me
acidic froth spews from her deepest pits
flaming birds circling above is all i see
i knew what i was looking at, i summoned my wits

she watches me with bleary eyes
as the world comes smoking down
damnation, all above me flies the lies
crumbling scenes of desperation all around

entwined around the sheets lay our calm
as her acidic spew burns my throat deep
soothing like a whisper of death, she takes my palm
no more regrets now as my soul weep

blood is seeping, her hip is now churning my gashes
burning deep is the fire within, brighter than the birds above
she takes me in to her pits as i embrace the ashes
scream and scream more, lies of my confessed love

she licks my gashes, drinks my blood, absorbs my pain
pain i endured wrapped in her deadly croon
for the flaming birds above to go, i silently pray for rain
crashing heavens, the birds they came before noon

recap start:
if life was a tape
i would have replayed it
just to see what went wrong
between us
i was always ready
to take the blame
if only you would have shared
it with me
recap end:

my sheets are now soaked with blood i seep
all through the pain the rusty taste on my throat
her bleary eyes cries blackness ocean deep
tears oh tears, her body is all what keeps me afloat

she takes me in, moaning i can’t resist in haven
why i allowed my empty bed grace her lies
flaming birds above, they all call me craven
beast, embrace your finality, confess her eyes

:recap start:
dear civilization, i am sick of you
send me the birds of flame
send me the she who dances
dear civilization, you failed me
:recap end:

entwined around the sheets lay her harp
frothing acid she licks my trembling bones
fear in my eyes meet her gaze sharp
pouring out my grief breaths silently my moans

breathing slowly she takes the harp in her hand
fingers strums a melody her eyes cloudy and pale
waiting seconds while the timeless ages stand
i hear my requiem lament in the whispering gale

slowly as the worlds come crashing down
blood the taste of rust, smoking tears smell of ash
hopes, i wrap my pain in her wilted gown
why the rain i prayed for never splash

midnight deep dreaming nothing but hallucinations of noon
nightmares of yesterday plays around the flaming bird wings
craven, craven, craven, rise i can never from my eternal swoon
her melody drains my soul, i claw at her breasts, it stings


2 responses

  1. bbyerly

    I like this… I’ve written some stuff like it…

    December 13, 2008 at 12:22 am

  2. crownlessxx

    disturbed souls seeking comfort within disturbed souls..and being even more disturbed..

    well this one leaves me confused lol i get the feeling that the narrator like her and same time disgusted by her..but looks like he needs he and he wants to share their troubles..this one kind of reminds me of pain of salvation lol ..and same time it suggests that the she who he is talking about is merely a dream..an imagination which is in his mind that he miss..or may be longs for ..to be with ..well i hope you’ll tell me what is this all about lol same time gets the feeling that this is another part of 45 lol good creation

    December 13, 2008 at 2:46 am

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