when everything else fails

The Guitar Girl

her face is a mask of ecstasy
as her lithe frame dance on the curve
she dreams in her own fantasy
riffs echoing her silken groove

she caress the fret board with electric fingers
feet full of fire she grooves her hips
drenched in ecstasy the audience lingers
she sways wildly as her skirt skips

fingers on the fret board
speeding and caressing
she riffs the chords
banging her head to tune
swaying in skirts
spinning and dancing around
she plays so furiously
as audience dance and boo
to her psychedelic aura

spinning around she plays a tune, furious
her world is a stage she lives swaying
the audience in warped time, curious
her music is her essence she is playing


2 responses

  1. crownlessxx

    another double meaning poem ..a rockstar girl living life in her way careless for the world..and that meaning i can forget for a while for this has a deeper meaning for me..

    heavy metal culture is obviously rejected from the society but she composes her life around a guitar(metaphorically) ..playing it in the less liked way..as the rest of the world stare in wonder but she finds her self true and meaningful from that aspect..she don’t care what others think about her or how she build up her life pretty appose to what standards society is based on ..this is pretty much of an anti social poem for me..which reminds me of many people among us who struggle to get along with things they don’t wanna do with their lives ..being forced to do things that they despise but being someone else for they are different ..may be for people they love in order not to hurt them or may be to ditch troubles..accepting is a better way..for denial could be bitter ..but her life is hers at least in her dreams where she can be indifferent to the bounds she clings to ..
    nice one sameera hehe and thanks for you-know-what

    December 14, 2008 at 4:40 am

  2. cizqa

    i’m imagining me
    short stupid comment

    ich bin schokolade (:

    December 16, 2008 at 12:12 am

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