when everything else fails


blame my nonexistent shame
just for what i became
is it life, when the day came
to wake up withering in a flame

i use the symphony, light my end
i use the melody, riff my soul
my life, there it goes, down the bend
there goes with it, all my self control

shivering, in my pain
pain is to abstain
to deny is to chain
pain all over again

i use the water, cool my bed
the flames that came from inside
i lay withering there instead
my life, my soul, flames collide

i used the poison, cure my life
control, lost with each breath, now in wane
cure my pain, i used the knife
to deny, is a chain, my life is a bane


One response

  1. think i made some melody to this

    July 11, 2009 at 4:07 pm

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