when everything else fails

A Forgotten Shrine

at then end of the long winding down
there is a shady groove renown
falling autumn leaves crisp and brown
feel of the breezy air is all around

beside the shady autumn groove
weathering the ages is a proven shrine
beneath the cloven bark weevils dine
without even a gush, silent shades move

standing guard through the endless ages
a shrine where inscribed within are tales of esteem
as even memories faded within the stone pages
shadow faced shades yearn for their lost redeem

fables to be recited in full born pride
but tales long ago forgotten by bards
are inscribed on stone plates inside
much of them are in ruined shards

along the walls of the crumbling shrine
vines of ivy root and blossoms bloom
even as sunlight weakly shine
carved by ages is a shady gloom

never shall a bard tread the winding down
never shall they grace the ivy stone walls
in a willed search for lost fables of renown
because only shades wait as time falls


One response

  1. crownlessxx

    when i was kid i used to have this thought always in my mind whenever i was lonely..or trying to sleep in the night ..

    a fallen warrior lies covered in dust and centuries of oblivion at where once a great war had been fought ..his sword lies next to him buried in dust as himself..it’s rusty now still with signs of shine under the burning sun telling weakly and almost silently of the glory it had once brought upon him..his shield lies a few feet away from him bearing many bruises crying still for the violent it’s witnessed ..the man is forgotten still he lies in silence ..laying still unchangeable and detached..he opens his eyes a slow sound ..awakening him from his deep sleep …that’s where my thought ends..he feels a great loneliness for all he knew has aged then turned into things he could not recognize..he’s all alone with nobody to call with no body to go to he’s just forgotten even by the time ..

    it’s a great piece of poetry bro this thought i described earlier was long faded in my mind but then you sent this poem to me one evening and i suddenly got this thought back..it leaves me with such nostalgia ..reminding me of this portrait which now is deeply carved in my mind..it was used to be on my pre school’s wall..hehe i hope this makes sense to you ..since it’s much of a private feeling to me..but i should thank you for bringing back good memories..thanks

    December 27, 2008 at 2:44 pm

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