when everything else fails

Pray For Me, My Dearest Love

pray for me, my dearest love, look into my strained eyes
wherever you are, please try, see what it tries to say
oceans of tears streaming behind my useless sighs
why is this, i can’t believe it was all in one day

i’ve aged like centuries, i am feeling weak now
day you left seems like ages ago but it was yesterday
like a moment ago i swore my life to you my dearest love
i want to live in the sweetest memories of you every day

hold my hand again, like the day you calmed me
i was never down because i lived in your shadow
like the days you went over me, again let it be
can’t bear now because i’m not used to be without you

i try to remember your words, because i never expected, i cannot
you now ignore me, all of sudden, i feel i have lost my guide
life is a challenge you said, would have liked if time forgot
life is a pleasure you said, but now i feel for me it is denied

pray for me, my dearest love, can you see my bloodshot eyes
from wherever you are, listen to my heart when it sighs
i can’t believe, my heart is pouring blood in to my eyes
dearly within my pits, i want to believe this is all lies


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