when everything else fails

Watching The Game

the crowd continues
whistling and cheering
heroes of the ball game
got all their undying attention
i do not have the courage
just to tell them to stop a bit
just to get a minute’s attention
because i got something to say
i fear they might ridicule
blame me for the opponent’s goal
their life is passed like a ball
by the heroes of the ball game
i got only one in my mind
i want to tell it all aloud
but i don’t believe i got it in me
a little bit of dare
just to disrupt the game
the crowd continues cheering
their eyes focused on the screen
mine are set just on one edge
where she cheers her heroes
do not believe i have the courage
just to tell her that i love her


One response

  1. crownlessxx

    i just liked this poem from the first time i saw it ..for i can relate this to the world we live in which is a play ground in where everybody is forced to play ..and nobody can afford to lose for the success of their lives depend on the victory ..that’s today’s society ..nobody have time to step aside and watch as others pass you by may be they want to but it’s not quite possible..it’s just too competitive ..but is it really the purpose of our lives ..success which is measured by those so called goals of a better life with possessions that others should not have..in a scale of money to status and then to fashion ..in which people let the passion for beauty of living faithful to themselves slip away…
    and the writer himself seems to be standing out of the fence watching them loosing the ability and time to enjoy the life ..he watches them grow old stacking success but not real joy of living..
    after that long race in which one had won when he turns his head over his shoulder to find all of what’s he past smiling for what he’s won , seeing what he lost and left behind in the long track upon what he ran too fast, would he miss those moments in which he could have laughed with his loved one who cheered for him, and would he lose his smile for he can’t turn back on that track anymore..?

    it’s a cold play ground lol ..haha i hope i got it right

    December 27, 2008 at 2:24 pm

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