when everything else fails

My Silent Melody

a story in her starry eyes
something sweet and light
dance in the groovy moonlight
to my silent melody

it is a story ancient and never known
it is a symphony played under the forest groove
of magic age old and mystery foretold
diamonds grow in the deepest reaches
rubies guide the light furthest down
emeralds shine in grottos beneath earthen caves
under the forest groove to my music
light shines in her amethyst eyes

starry light from the moonshine
fallen from heavens far away
the skies shine in ancient light
in her eyes echoes my silent melody

it is a symphony played beneath moss grown soil
a story of hearts lost within deepest slumbers
she calls ethereal light to shine on the forest groove
silver light came to dance on her lithe frame
she calls the wolves in a language they only understand
they came to prod her hand with wet noses
myriad colors to shine in the northern lights
are hidden deep in the grottos beneath the forest groove

a strange cycle turns beyond nature
thousand ages have passed beyond recall
still in her eyes echoes my silent melody
a story i weaved before the existence of time


One response

  1. crownlessxx

    i read this poem once and i wonder for a sec ..and then i take a look at the tags lol it is mysterious lol..hmm but on the repeated tries i got a weird yet nice idea..which would match the content of this poem so I’d rather write it down for you ..

    the Creator, when the millions of years have passed away before his very eyes putting him behind the time ..looks at the earth he’s created and sings this words to it ..his own creation that had left him behind and forgotten him in the endless time ..now the story is almost like a fairy tale..it is ancient and unknown..the incredible things he’s made ..the nature the greatest invention of his entire time still reflects his soul..a mystery the man cannot understand but the man is in denial..like his own blood denying his father..the mother earth is mute ..too mute for us to tell us this story of the greatest invention of all time but her silence is his solace ..her eyes is his child..it is unknown ..it’s is buried in the depths but still it is true..

    haha i guess im too off from the meaning but yet even more than the “forgotten shrine” this had some effect on me lol it made me tell a story of my own which is unique and significant to me may be to me alone ..lulz


    January 24, 2009 at 1:58 am

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