when everything else fails

Thought I Was (Deceiving Grace)

over the valley is the cooling breeze
but all over the sky is written your deceiving grace
in my fading love craving for your embrace
i remember your dreadful promise of silence

in your embrace i wanted to cuddle tight
thought you are my knight in shining armour
but you made me feel like falling leaves of autumn wind
memories of last summer is now a bitter taste

i thought i was the queen when we played the board game
but you mated my queen with your knights and pawns
never i thought my fate was written in the sixty four squares
never did i realize the board game will be played on my life

i thought i was the queen of the card deck
but you held all your aces tight to your chest
i built a card castle and you shattered it with a poke
all i thought was it is not for real and it was just a joke

i thought i was the queen of your heart when we walked on the beach
it was all i wanted to believe when we held our hands tight
i searched for warmth in your embrace when cold winds blew
never i believed blowing winds echoed the coldness in you

i thought i was the queen when we played in the moonlit barn
you was my bard in my court of golden hay and ripe corn
in a deep voice you sang a sad song of swans and a betrayed princess
never i dreamt in your chords was written my soon to be empty fate

over the valley the breeze is getting colder
it is the autumn winds echoing the coming winter
my crown shattered with summer i wanted to last forever
all i can do now is bury my heart in freezing snow

footsteps we walked are now swallowed by the salty sea
now i see for real all your promises were fake
as i watch the setting sun slowly but disappear
i see all over the sky is written your deceiving grace


2 responses

  1. crownlessxx

    reading the first few stanzas of this work made me think of the bond between the GOD and a man ..who questions and demands his love and good grace for the faith he’s been held on to ..and then i get the feeling of a person who is forgotten and left behind by his/her lover..not only forgotten but also has he been betrayed but what i see in this poem is not hate..but despair for being forced to take such a betrayal ..a life without the love once he had..

    January 24, 2009 at 1:44 am

  2. makes me think bout me lol

    hmmmmmm u just dunno the depth of someone’s heart

    what we wrote on the sand
    will be gone from the ocean shores
    what time can’t mend
    what we’re always dying for
    when you touch your broken broken heart
    after you see us in the mirror
    another cut without a mark
    another room without a door

    hmm is tht right?

    January 25, 2009 at 9:41 pm

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