when everything else fails

A Far Away Fantasy

a blowing feather in the wind
far away beyond the mortal lands it swept
to a stranger sense of reality
and far away on a tombstone it landed

someone still bites the soil beneath
still breaths the musty air
waiting till the omens come true
for a second chance in revenge

buried alive beneath the soil
made to endure the darkest vile
someone waits for the calling
closed eyes shining with malice

day the eyes will open again
thunder will crack the blowing winds
worlds far away will be cleansed
by lightning flowing from a burning heart

will cleanse the deceit and betrayal endured
so shall the innocent weep blood with sorrow
darkest shades of mist will swallow the sun
a thousand flags shall fall in to dust

a broken feather swept past a tombstone
no more strength left to blow away
the call of mortal lands it hears far away
but fading to a stranger sense of reality


One response

  1. crownlessxx

    hmm nothing much to interpret..

    it’s about a person who is waiting rotting in his shell for the right time for his revenge for he was betrayed and wronged..
    this poem actually reminded me of many books and movies ive come across..

    it’s nicely written dude you never cease to give your poems this movie-like atmosphere from which i kind of get this flashes in my head based upon your words..it’s almost like looking at a picture


    January 31, 2009 at 2:10 am

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