when everything else fails

Fly From Life

when winds blew i wanted to fly
like a feather flows free upon the sky
i promised to stay with you i promised to try
if you would hug me when cold winds blow by

my heart got no pity no sorrow
i have lived my life there is no tomorrow
so in the night light search for my ashes
moon shall shine bright while your heart crashes

you are still chained rooted to the soil
i will be long gone while you still toil
your heart shall be heavy because i promised to try
but life was filled with cruel desperation so i had to fly

your hug was not warm enough for me
i felt so cold and i thought so let it be
i wanted to be free to untie my life all in a tangle
you could not save me because you are not my angel


One response

  1. crownlessxx

    first i thought this is about love being not enough but well upon the second and third read i got the idea of suicide ..this is saying farewell to life for it is not enough and for it is not what the poet expected..
    he says he tried but it’s just too much to carry on ..it’s not for him the life is not about his desires ..so he’s just saying good bye..he looks happy for the far he’s dragged it thru and seem to have no regret for having to end it here ..it’s just he’s just go nothing to live for ..
    it’s so nice of a poem dude nicely rhymed

    February 5, 2009 at 2:54 am

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