when everything else fails


a glorified plain in a deep shade of orange
is a spreading valley far beyond the horizon
to a new dawn behind the setting sun
a beaten path leads on to forage
on enchanted valleys far ahead
riding on the path instinct showed
running fast along the beaten road
strength is the scent of the evening tide
which leads the crowd back to rest
echoes on water a predator’s soft ride
scenting for a fresh prey in to a test
waiting for a call from the moon
to know that the pack is on hunt
lead heads rout the crowd soon
before the weak succumbs to the hunt
freedom is the color on the skies
hoofs sound in the flowing water
as they run for shade together
far away from the predator’s reaches
wind flows through their golden mane
the valley is their possession
far from the hunter’s obsession
pride is the gleam in their eyes


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