when everything else fails

A Raid On A Seaport

look into me what you can see now
deep branches of my heart rooted to the soil
how i ended up this way i wonder how
from a vacant point let me shed my foil

how you reached my shore is a far fetched mystery
how we entwined in tears is a heartfelt misery

behind the lines of brazen shores they fought
enemies of you and me for their utmost agony
does the crimson skies shed a drop of doubt
in the name of red oceans crying for my bloody glory

their cries drowned in the ocean howl
your sword slashed countless creatures foul

into the ocean burning ships shed their charred ash
behind the crimson sphere on our decaying skies
does the flames leave a thought to dash
about the souls now burning in our pyre of lies

let fallen souls curse us in a glaring hiss
but let our last embrace end in a warm kiss

my blood i pledged to you in your name
let the oceans claim you back to where you belong
every drop of blood you shed enhanced my shame
my numb remains are now rooted to the soil i belong


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