when everything else fails

A Life To Die For

suddenly sometimes ago in my past
an angel showed me a distant light
took my hand and whispered softly
urged to search for solace in light

i was her lusty firefly
craved for her fragrant light
fell for the burning flame inside
fated to writhe on my ashed wings

it tore my heart into strings
which strummed the words i wrote
burned the blood when it still moved
which now flows from the holes in me

everything was way out of touch
a feeling that i once loved
never believed that i was again capable
of falling in love with the hated love

for you i said those words
and i mean that i will do so
“every tear of yours is worth the smiles
of a life i wished to die for”


One response

  1. gayathri

    this is an awesome poem.. really really touching.

    May 10, 2010 at 9:46 pm

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