when everything else fails

Bottled Emotions

on a faded photograph
hanging on my darkened wall
i see your saddest smile
from where i stand
i watch for a glimpse
of a wink in your blurry eyes

a dusty bed spreads by my side
wrinkles on yellowish sheets, a telltale sign
of how i grabbed your hair
and threw you down on it
when emotions flew from a bottle
to a dooming rhythm i played my hand

i let myself touch those undone sheets
a creeping door echoes my emotional plight

i let my feet walk the walk
coz my mind is too dark to guide
to the stairs you ran down for cover
slipped to where now your grave lies
decayed bones mark a faint outline
of your broken figure i fear to glance

i’m trapped as a ghost, lost of all desire
now all alone with my frail mind craving
for nothing in a room full of empty bottles

i stand watching at the stairs
where it all ended as it began
a faded photograph
can’t distance me from . . .


One response

  1. Bri

    Hey, thought I’d swing by and see how you’re doing. Havent checked your poems out in a long time. I see your still going strong :]
    I really like this one, because of all the memories it brings up for me and how I knew someone just like this…

    November 23, 2009 at 9:10 pm

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