when everything else fails

Rose So Beautiful You Hid Your Thorns

when all the flowers of summer started fading
trees shed leaves and hardened thorns exposing
i never expected you would leave me bleeding
to brood with angst and grief i am now feeling

every winter the moon i likened your face to is smiling
sardonically as i tuck my coat tight shivering
when i count stars with my again lonely self laying
on the grass white misty and dewdrops freezing

my paradise in eden you left desecrated and appalling
your sweetest honey burns my meat from deep and piercing
thorns left me bleeding poison from your ritual of draining
i am weak and chained with no hopes for another rising

when summer rises a promethean hell keeps my flesh chained and tearing
blinded by pain i sense from afar the games you are playing
dancing on ice and stealing glances countless shy kisses connecting
your last dance i know not because my knives are not for stabbing


One response

  1. crownlessxx

    this is like a revelation of true nature of the girl the poets seeing..he’s finding the thorns she hid beneath the flowers and leaves..he’s finding her cold heart staring at him with a icy look freezing him out, drowning him in utter despair but not anger. there’s a sense of indifference in the poem the poets not seemingly concerned about standing up to his misery he’s rather accepting his fate and going down..

    January 28, 2010 at 8:10 pm

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