when everything else fails

A Study In Poison (To Cure A Cancer Patient)

a clock is ticking somewhere, we let us suspend in a frame of time frozen
on an altar we prayed to kill demons, eating on a sweetness once eternal
are we late, our oracle knows not how to cure, maybe we are not chosen
standing silent, our pride scarred, watching you burn with pain infernal

hair raven black silk, swishy and swaying
the ebony crown that wooed boys’ hearts
now wrinkled and knotted, slowly dethroning
abandoning your body, now falling into shards

beauty eternal they said of your skin so warm flushed and lusty
slowly it withered and gave way to this ashen pale remains
we saw a monster, so we mixed a poison and called it therapy
you swallowed the grains and we watched how the color drains

silent fire of your eyes, slowly it vanish, let go of the light
warmth of your halo, we saw it diminish, let go fading
spread on the bed, this pale ivory shard, is your pain burning bright
let go of your demons, we saw them growing, leaving your soul bleeding

slowly drips the poison we infused, to kill you from the inside
our therapy to kill the demons now embraced one with you
our hearts stand motionless, our graying and solemn pride
deep within is a hope we hide, somehow we can save you


2 responses

  1. I read this painful and powerful poem and it brought the recent death of my friend to mind, up close and hurting actually. Have you lost someone close I hope you have not but your words seem to say you may of. These words are flowing on to this page. Do you mind if I use them on my page . I ask you first as I do not want you to think I am stealing your poem.
    I rang her each day for over a year, I begged to come see her but she would not let me near. We laughed with each other often but more often we cried.I wanted to be with with her but her fears this to me denied.I begged her to fight it she told me she was tired I nagged and bullied she said I was fired! Things never got better she lipped from my grasp I tried hard to see her but she refused so I did as she asked.Then finally the day came that I got the call and at last I got to visit , not that she knew at all. I talked of blue skies and beaches and clouds I did not whisper I told her out loud. She was struggling for breath then I caught her eye in a moment of clarity I told her loved her she flashed at me ” no pity!” Her hands were dirty her nails were lined black her pain and the squalor are the memories that keep coming back. I hated to see her suffer as she breathed her last these horrid memories stuck in my mind fast.
    It was a foggy freezing December day when we all met at the crem our goodbyes to say. To a larger than life loud colourful girl who with a flash of her eyes could set our working day in a whirl. She had to have the last word and as I sat there sobbing “Get a grip you silly cow” were the words that I heard. Then for her final bow she went out to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.

    September 5, 2011 at 4:57 am

    • everyone of us have feelings and experiences. simply said they can be happy or sad. but the thing is they leave a powerful effect and direct our future journey. those experiences mold us in to our present shape. i read your heartfelt story (set in your flowing style of prose) it rendered me speechless for a moment. you are really talented with the art of storytelling.

      btw i’m just glad to be a source of inspiration. you are free to do as you please 🙂

      September 5, 2011 at 8:19 pm

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