when everything else fails

Yet Another Poem In Vain

my poetry is stale like
meat of my ischemic heart
ripped by yet another last strike
but why i still pen this poetic art

because i gave love another chance
and lost my last bit of sanity
again let myself dance that dance
and lose myself from reality

so i write about tears like i did before
but this time the game is different
these are for the one i still adore
even though i can’t bear this torment

endless tears come easy this time
again i shall do my salty ocean worth
just to drown once more in my crime
of sweet hate and rip my heart forth

should write some words about my lost heart
stale meat yet tireless till time to depart
pumps my soul, yeah still does it’s part
oh faithful beat, but don’t tear me apart

i wrote of loss, yet another poem in vain
this ink will disappear when it does rain
but rain will not wash away this black stain
of a dying heart beating in a painful refrain


One response

  1. fransiska

    I like it, speaks about loss.. for me it’s like somebody who feel great torture to give up but he simply doesn’t want to. I am watching this Korean drama and I think this poem will go well with one of the character haha.
    Well they say hope tortures. It does.

    August 2, 2011 at 4:57 pm

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