when everything else fails

Concrete Hearts

this land of concrete blocks
is home to ever winding paths
in those roads there walks
gray and dejected souls
frozen dull and emotionless
cemented in concrete firm

they tug tightly shivering
when drizzling rain falls
they walk around siren calls
and lights of red orange and green
when rain finally clears
someone brushes his wet hair
someone quickens his journey
on these roads grey and wet
just like their empty souls

when the tired sun fails
giving way to eternal nights
in the smile of moonlight
joined by her speckled sky
someone still walks
guided by neon lights
on a journey of whims
to feed mouths with cash
their struggle to fulfill aims

sun for time and rain for other
nights mysterious and heavenly
made to cheer up tired human hearts
but does it any longer matter
because they traded human hearts
for those made of concrete parts


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