when everything else fails

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the wonder in your eyes that fine day
imprinting our feet a warm long trail
on a beach one sunset one wonderful may
holding tight and lost from a blowing misty gale

the mischief in your eyes when you softly whispered
those sweet words they still vibrates the smallest bones in me
softly throbs a place in me where a cherub’s arrow entered
we let waves poke our toes a game we played with the sea

. . .

today i walk this beach alone and cloaked for the lack of you
but every feeling of your warmth lay within me enshrined
this beach feels ever the same but lingers the lack of you
memories of our time together still runs fresh in my mind

oh see i cannot find our footprint trial by the sea
so magical in my memories they seemed to be
and this sea ever playful has run silent with shame
i know it did rub off our footprints it is to blame


Sunless Days

tell me how
i burned to ashes
now in dust covered
this pale ivory frame
of mine

tell me will you
tales of sunless days
since now the flame is gone
you the exhausted globe
becomes mine

do you feel it
flames turned to dust
feet rested on rust
this end
is ours

oh sunless earth
i pity your horizons
now left to dark and gloom
this ending
is yours and mine