when everything else fails

Poems From A Lame Nation

These poems which I uncovered from my old notebooks sounds too wacky and weird. And several degrees more lame. Like I was in the lame nation of cheese and pure lameness. Maybe I was on LSD when I wrote them. Here I’ll post some of them just for your reading pleasure.

Kiss Me Numb

Oh kiss me numb
While you keep thinking about
Something to write all along
Your ink is draining on my tongue
Did you forget your pills yesterday
Coz I taste it on my throat now
Write a nice poem
About how lame I am
When it comes to kissing
I feel the taste of your paper
Tickling on my cheeks
Did your mind go blank
Did your poetic sense flee
When it sees me
Your weight is crumbling me
Coz I’m holding you tight
Is your mind sucked by a black hole
To forget your poetic dreams
My mind is full of ideas
Of things to do with you
It is high on your pills
Oh kiss me numb
I got on my mind poems to write
No time to script them on paper
Coz my mind is occupied
With my crave for you

The Experiment

Come rolling through the plains
Like the rolling cheese came
To my graying castle deep
On the hill of golden hay

In our lame nation we shall rejoice
With wine to dine and the sun to shine
While the band dance and play
We will sing songs of harvest moon

In my study I shall show you
The experiment I hid from my teacher
It will make you gold and make me fame
Come my friend like the cheese came

In my castle deep
Is a hidden grotto of crystal
In it I built
A study of secret art

While my teacher snored
I built a secret way
With his graying hair
And my crimson blood

Hasten my friend
Your gold is now in sight
See how beautiful my crystal grotto
My study is just behind there

Welcome my dearest friend
My fame I can smell it now
There is my experiment
Go an take a peek

I will wait just here for you
Now go and look how it works
Wheels cranking like poetry
There it is cranking your gold

Sorry my friend dearest
You are lame as a rolling cheese
Now enjoy your churning end
In my experiment of fame

You was a good friend to me
Even in you end you was true
I love cheese and cheesy friends
You are now a part of my experiment

Crazy Highway

A part of this poem I used for Some Times We Feel For. Here is the complete one.

Direct me back to the crazy highway
I had all my toy cars racing there
I can’t lose them to the police
I don’t want to pay the slip
I can’t loose my money
Because my toy cars went racing
Direct me back to the crazy highway
All my shepherd dogs are flirting
With the newly weds’ pooch
I can’t loose them to the pound
I don’t want to pay the slip
I need them to sniff my toy cars
They went racing on the crazy highway


Limits of my bed
Is limited to four posts
It is all my private space
The softest pillows I had
I’m bed ridden
Since two weeks ago
Cannot leave it now
Coz I still feel weak
Don’t feel like leaving at all
Coz now I like my pillow soft
Now I know my where my limits lie

Love For Hard Things

Finally here is another poem I used for Some Times We Feel For. My friend claims this one really feels like I was on a LSD trip.

Shine on my crazy moon
It is once in a blue moon
I hid some cheese on a crater
Just for the rabbit to find

Diamonds hey diamonds
Love me for my hardest things
Diamonds are the purest we know
When it shines like crazy moon

Shine on and rain on
They had rain on the moon
Hey rabbits got my cheese
I’m now in a honey moon

Thank You soo much for reading this far. If you enjoyed them, it is my pleasure. Feel free to leave your comments about them.


2 responses

  1. I loved the cheese it kept cropping up!! I loved the lameness it got me in my knees!! I lost the cars and so I am legless and my lift is hidden best join you if you are bedridden!
    Don’t hide them they are great! So much talent everywhere I look !

    September 2, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    • thanks for your warm comments. my old notebooks had quite a bit of comic verses, when i see them i feel like i have lost my sense of humor. how people change.

      September 3, 2011 at 12:34 am

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