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I Sip A Bitter Cocktail

every drop tastes in bitterness divine
every tear freezes harder where cheeks align
with dearest death oh sweetness i entwine
with feelings drowned in sorrow i shall resign

pure love is a failed campaign for glory
where that cup of victory is a hard sip
lay groveling in sand dirtied in details gory
is the only victory your hand will dip

countless are the lies set in absent shame
clouded minds made all mistakes done in heat
when you are a two who will take the blame
will you or your other one still beloved in defeat

in hollow anger shame flies like autumn birds
fleeing from approaching terrible winter dates
in that absent shame let forth violent words
like a lake hugged in freezing wintered fate

lay groveling in sand of defeat this cold november
in reminiscence of glory days when time flies
in bitterness an empty smile i remember
and will lay freezing when every fleck of light dies

resigned from life this empty shell becomes me
now lay weeping of days with happier dealings
how a mighty oak gives way to a cold axe in fury
chip by chip every sorrow strikes with harder feelings

this november final flowers of a season blooms and wither
count those fragile petals before wind blows them away
reality is a frame lost in reason and doused bitter
death is a cocktail that tastes better come your final day

in shivering cold i count each cycle of day and night
just empty numbers meant for dying petals by the lake
and count and sip every drop divine till i loose the fight
oh tears shall freeze harder my dearest when death shall take


After Midnight Hours

all sorts of people convene
at the riverside bar
where pounding blaring sounds spar
with lights of multitude colors
red yellow blue and green
churning they whirl and twirl
falling on the nicest curves
in sweetest ecstasy
grooving to enchanting tunes
grooving while eyes observe
from that corner table
a hand caressing a glass
with a twitch of smile in the corner
salty lips savor time to get over
drowning in fuel to channel
light at the end of the tunnel

The Social Network Girl

i know where you are now, even you don’t wear GPS tags
and those fine details about you i wish i never ever knew
a strange fluctuating mood, changing extremes every two hours
your delusions and your chronic sickness which was never new

today you ate burnt breakfast pie
and drank yesterday’s leftover ale
then bought your “complicated” dear a pink tie
from that cheap downtown sale

after a purging regime you bragged about your waist size
to know your other two, i didn’t need to be much wise
fear not because i’m not stalking you, but i know it all
everything or most about you, it was posted on your “wall”

i can’t understand the deal about your latest pair of tights
or your new pair of sneakers stripped yellow and brown
your outrageous “posts” just to increase your bragging rights
to let everyone know who you think is the coolest girl in town

you posted a picture of your anorexic frame
and tagged in all your twisted admirers wild and tame
they responded “cutie u are hot” with their absent shame
i too “liked” it even though i thought you looked lame

when past midnight you will be grooving at the karaoke bar
i’m updated that you love it’s booming sound allover
i assumed later you will binge and with your mind wandering far
you will log on again to say “ugh i hate this hangover”

while your status constantly berates a certain “you”
“u broke ur promise, u poser u stink, u are lame”
“u broke my heart, i will never 4get ur lies, i hate u”
wonder who, but i know passive aggression is your game

again you felt depressed and post so on your wall
later you find that your friends “like” it all
then you miss your exams because of a migraine scare
still those fellows “like” it, they dare


blame my nonexistent shame
just for what i became
is it life, when the day came
to wake up withering in a flame

i use the symphony, light my end
i use the melody, riff my soul
my life, there it goes, down the bend
there goes with it, all my self control

shivering, in my pain
pain is to abstain
to deny is to chain
pain all over again

i use the water, cool my bed
the flames that came from inside
i lay withering there instead
my life, my soul, flames collide

i used the poison, cure my life
control, lost with each breath, now in wane
cure my pain, i used the knife
to deny, is a chain, my life is a bane

Chatterized (Chatbox of Doom)

chained to the four corners
lured souls frozen and suspended
caged by the four borders
stare in to a box of doom, chatterized

unaware of the tick of time
fingers pour in letters lightning speed
ignoring the dinner bell chime
face petrified in time eyes glaring to read

the heartbroken pouring in their endless despair
the bornlosers brainwashed by a reality redefined
feeding their souls to a time frozen trap unaware
all lured in the name of digital suicide

predators scourge the box for prey
venom of a forgotten past poisoning and burning
hunt for fresh victims to poison and seduce
all lured in the name of digital suicide

the selfhatred pouring in venom of heart’s depth
roped into a chair hypnotized by the box
pleading to be digitally burned digitally murdered
tongue out smilies glare back at sense’s lack

letters run wild colors shifting
smilies glare in moods shifting
lured souls frozen and suspended
stare in to a box of doom, chatterized