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The Wanderer

this pale heart weeps
in bitterness enshrined
these feet hardy and tough
through vast distance they walked
now trembles at every step
knees sinking to crumbling depths

these hands gave life
to those now long departed
now holds a stick sturdy
to keep this wanderer walking
these ancient eyes
now clouded cannot see

where lies the key
to unlock the answer

this body lashed in thousands
for heresy uncommitted
to a living hell banished
in eternal pain this crumbling body wails
and in this pale heart tainted blood fails
to keep this wanderer walking

so where lies the key
to unlock the answer

between endless stretches of sand
lies vast oceans no ship ever sails
red sun shines brighter this dying land
alight this fire steams life into vapor
with bitterness this parched throat cries
for unsalted water

clouded eyes see ancient forests dying
trembling feet walks on falling leaves burning
on this ashen ground lay a tired wanderer
in tears vanishing to vapor sizzling
with bitterness this parched throat cries
for unsalted water

where lies the key to unlock the answer
this clouded sight cannot forever see
and time counts in drops of water
needed to keep this wanderer walking


Tainted Land


blue is the color
of this frozen land
born out of ancient
fallacy of man

crimson is the color
of blood lust defiled skies
swallowing dust and ash
are these cancerous clouds

unopened flowers wither lay frozen
petals petrified in staring gazes
winter gales reign as the chosen
over icy remains of charred wood
this tainted land stay barren
soiled by subtle remains
of deeds better left unsaid
this tainted land shiver frozen
in shame hides her naked frame
covered in a shroud of ashen ice
the final shreds of a forgotten
heaven falls down from the skies
tearing apart wings fate dies
leaving shattered feathers
floating in icy waters

this land aches abandoned
by mankind dead by own hand
when grayness takes over
falls silent this grieving land

Captured Motionless

.:in sleepless nights:.
in sleepless nights
.:i give up:.
i give up (more…)


when sweet darkness gives way
we toil on an endless highway
this land tears apart every day
the flesh of our weary hearts

giving way to a new deception
fakers abound new lies are born
in silence thus strangely adorned
angel wings cry torn and chained
this brazen soil pours oil
we swim in our daily toil
our wings are chained
we are restrained
an open highway we yearn for
in name of humanity to die for
freedom chained to stone
in fire our flesh deeply burns

reminiscence become so deary
please have mercy oh almighty
grant us your holy water
towards salvation let us run away

Departure On Roads To Insanity (A Poem In 3 Parts)

–[DEPARTURE]is it time for our departure on these roads?

all this sane brain
washed in cold rain
leaves only disdain
and dreadful pain

where is the miracle drug
which can kill this bug
of memories hard to avert
and cure this swollen hurt

when it rain it does rain so hard
all left in hand is this final card
and nothing but a throbbing heart
and an intense desire to depart

–[ROADS]are these the roads we tread searching for sanity?

memories all condemned fake
with no leftover desires to make
salvation becomes the last word in mind
so are there anymore roads left to find

roads where pure joy fills a pained soul
to drown in desire of a new found goal
to wake pure everyday as a newborn foal
and immerse in a drama with a new role

roads to salvage wounded pride
where a cure to all ailments reside
where love is boundless and wide
and can clean this despair from inside

–[INSANITY]did those roads lead us to our lost sanity?

when this path of reason disintegrate
this train of thought finally will derail

down the drain flows sanity
with all of yesterday’s vanity
sense of logic is now failing
in this vortex it’s sailing

memories now fail to arrive
through this waves they dive
flashes of different lives
colors of all radiant hues

leaving behind only this insanity
an illusion of alternative reality
in a different dimension
beyond comprehension

this path of reason had disintegrated
this train of thought finally derailed