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Stereotyped and Discriminated

As my good friend here uses to say, this world is full of stereotypes. I don’t know what put this wacky idea of applying the almighty self important theory of stereotyping to girls. Ya I mean how to stereotype girls.

Well you can get them in all sorts, thin and fat, tall and short, fair and dark. Thinking a bit deeper, you will find the playful sorts and serious sorts, the simple and the innocent. “Buddy, you will soon end with the dumb stereotype” chuckles my friend. “Take for example my next door aunt” Instinct tells me, he is now up to a long talk. “She uses to send me emails, then she would knock by my door and say Sonny I send you an email, check it.” My friend makes a pained face and demands, “If she can come up knocking at my door, why can’t she finish the story face to face instead of sending me stupid emails? Ya buddy there is your dumb stereotype” Declares my friend triumphantly. Hmm . . . forget that stereotype, by the way who am I to defend girls? (more…)