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Feeling Lighter

finally i will fly
i can touch for real
this blue sky
this feeling overwhelms
as i lay suspended
in limbo

emotions and memories
from a not so distant past
broken hearts and empty bottles
all those heavy worries
and forever saying sorries
blurs away when i close my eyes
this blue sky i float
lightens my sorrow
fades away my sorrow
this dream i dream
leaves no tomorrow
to wake up again
my dream will forever last
no more pain to bury
no more deviations from sober
this limbo takes me over

finally i will not fall
i can touch for real
this blue sky
this feeling overwhelms
sorrows shall disappear fast
my dream will forever last

written for prompt: Poets United Midnight Snack (005)


The Message

tired thoughts drifting abound
racing home
body stay still lay bound
left alone
among thousands around

blending into black and white
they live their dreams of tonight
blending into this background
those thousands fade away

a text message
a single line to my phone
blurs my world around
leaves me spinning
in a vortex
of my make

written for Poets United: Midnight Snack (003)

The Dreamer Paints

with wide eyes every dawn i wake
when the morning wind beckons
and blows open my doors

it takes me hand in hand and walk
side by side through new doors
shows dreams sweeter than before

because i’m a forever daydreamer
wrapped tightly in sweet memories
i fly around new cloud castles

my friend the wind is my redeemer
it tells me new stories
secrets passed only lips to ears

opens every vestige of my mind
it wakes my ever sleepy muse
sets up an easel i never refuse

makes me work on a blank canvas
to paint my ethereal visions
guided by my magical brush

my muse now awake and smiling
she sends me colors in the wind
sealed with a silent kiss


one sweet evening
by the river shore
whispered sweet wordings
eyes filled with adore

whispers in the air
dreams i linger there
by that river shore
feeling time for more

To Fly Without Wings

i woke one autumn morning
a crispy golden feeling
in the air a new dawn flows
and by my window wind blows
trees sway bare with leaves falling
on crystal water sending ripples
sparkling drops splatter around
distorting a mirror of sky above

i look up at the autumn sky
tiny speckles are moving away
in a file of dots further away
i do realize what i do see
swans are finally flying high
i was bound to fly i do agree
if only i had grown wings
that favor was not gifted to me

but i am not sad even a tad
a gift born out of the kernel
is snuggled safe and warm
by me is my love so eternal
springs are for love newborn
nourished in summer days
in autumns when the leaves fall
love grows strong cozy and warm

i look at this spreading field
coated in endless auburn leaves
rustling playfully to wind they yield
i guess the earth feels warm tonight
in its coat of auburn leaves
beside me is my gift my love
my beauty my wings of freedom
the only crowned one in my kingdom

in this new dawn of autumn
i relish every feeling golden
when wind echoes in playful blows
and come up knocking at my door
for wings i don’t crave anymore
because my love makes me believe
i can trace the path a leaf weave
i can fly higher without wings

Winter Moon

look down at me winter moon so blue
these auburn forests dare hide thee
so look from behind their rustling twigs
come back enshroud me in your magic

we made hay in the autumn
our barns are full thanks good fortune
those fields we toiled are now bare
our frozen lake is now crystal clear

my barn is warm but my soul is cold
so with emptiness i tread this land
violin in hand and a tune in heart
to spend a lonely night by the lake

i like how it mirrors your silvery hair
and etched within ice is your smile
my forever childish soul does care
about winters long ago past
oh my moon how so fast
this emptiness shroud my soul
these shadows cloud my mind

with frozen tears i look at your sky
with heaviness i set my violin to chin
and i will strum this saddening melody
that i can’t play at harvest nights

oh winter moon so blue
come back to earth
my violin tugs for you
come back to earth
my strings tugs for you
so again let us play on ice
let me connect eye to eye
for a kiss oh i can’t reach
beauty oh why so shy
dear you are so high

The Beach Run

i want to run with you like a feather
hands clasped tightly together
these countless beaches shall inspire
words of love just set in your name
your sweet looks from the corner
of your eyes i shall cherish forever

footsteps in the sandy beaches
i love the sight of our winding ways
though they get washed the sea
love it because it’s by you and me

when darkness give way to light
i want to watch the sun rise
bask it it’s heavenly glory
with you by my side

my beating heart ever wants you near
i love my dream with no sadness or fear
forever is the word i want to whisper
forever i will be yours

beauty you are eternally sweet
every glance at me shall shrink deep
in to my heart which is fine
because forever you shall be mine

you are my guiding light
the only candle by my side
you are the stars i hide my pocket
my feelings flowing from every socket
is etched with your name
love shall be forever same