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Tainted Land


blue is the color
of this frozen land
born out of ancient
fallacy of man

crimson is the color
of blood lust defiled skies
swallowing dust and ash
are these cancerous clouds

unopened flowers wither lay frozen
petals petrified in staring gazes
winter gales reign as the chosen
over icy remains of charred wood
this tainted land stay barren
soiled by subtle remains
of deeds better left unsaid
this tainted land shiver frozen
in shame hides her naked frame
covered in a shroud of ashen ice
the final shreds of a forgotten
heaven falls down from the skies
tearing apart wings fate dies
leaving shattered feathers
floating in icy waters

this land aches abandoned
by mankind dead by own hand
when grayness takes over
falls silent this grieving land


Winter Moon

look down at me winter moon so blue
these auburn forests dare hide thee
so look from behind their rustling twigs
come back enshroud me in your magic

we made hay in the autumn
our barns are full thanks good fortune
those fields we toiled are now bare
our frozen lake is now crystal clear

my barn is warm but my soul is cold
so with emptiness i tread this land
violin in hand and a tune in heart
to spend a lonely night by the lake

i like how it mirrors your silvery hair
and etched within ice is your smile
my forever childish soul does care
about winters long ago past
oh my moon how so fast
this emptiness shroud my soul
these shadows cloud my mind

with frozen tears i look at your sky
with heaviness i set my violin to chin
and i will strum this saddening melody
that i can’t play at harvest nights

oh winter moon so blue
come back to earth
my violin tugs for you
come back to earth
my strings tugs for you
so again let us play on ice
let me connect eye to eye
for a kiss oh i can’t reach
beauty oh why so shy
dear you are so high

Concrete Hearts

this land of concrete blocks
is home to ever winding paths
in those roads there walks
gray and dejected souls
frozen dull and emotionless
cemented in concrete firm

they tug tightly shivering
when drizzling rain falls
they walk around siren calls
and lights of red orange and green
when rain finally clears
someone brushes his wet hair
someone quickens his journey
on these roads grey and wet
just like their empty souls

when the tired sun fails
giving way to eternal nights
in the smile of moonlight
joined by her speckled sky
someone still walks
guided by neon lights
on a journey of whims
to feed mouths with cash
their struggle to fulfill aims

sun for time and rain for other
nights mysterious and heavenly
made to cheer up tired human hearts
but does it any longer matter
because they traded human hearts
for those made of concrete parts

Departure On Roads To Insanity (A Poem In 3 Parts)

–[DEPARTURE]is it time for our departure on these roads?

all this sane brain
washed in cold rain
leaves only disdain
and dreadful pain

where is the miracle drug
which can kill this bug
of memories hard to avert
and cure this swollen hurt

when it rain it does rain so hard
all left in hand is this final card
and nothing but a throbbing heart
and an intense desire to depart

–[ROADS]are these the roads we tread searching for sanity?

memories all condemned fake
with no leftover desires to make
salvation becomes the last word in mind
so are there anymore roads left to find

roads where pure joy fills a pained soul
to drown in desire of a new found goal
to wake pure everyday as a newborn foal
and immerse in a drama with a new role

roads to salvage wounded pride
where a cure to all ailments reside
where love is boundless and wide
and can clean this despair from inside

–[INSANITY]did those roads lead us to our lost sanity?

when this path of reason disintegrate
this train of thought finally will derail

down the drain flows sanity
with all of yesterday’s vanity
sense of logic is now failing
in this vortex it’s sailing

memories now fail to arrive
through this waves they dive
flashes of different lives
colors of all radiant hues

leaving behind only this insanity
an illusion of alternative reality
in a different dimension
beyond comprehension

this path of reason had disintegrated
this train of thought finally derailed

They Didn’t Plead for Mercy

unsung words
fly high with birds
in the rising smoke
dies the words they never spoke

crumbling bricks
red dust of deeper hues
burning sticks
blood lust of cruel nature

teeth tore flesh asunder
called for plunder
spears bore wounds
and muffled cries

in name of mercy
truce they never plead
those words they never spoke
in pride they ever had

The End That Never Comes

sun it rises, burning crimson rays on my window
it’s hopefully my last sun, oh so awful sight
now i’m weaker than my faint morning shadow
because i opened my veins to drain yesterday night

heart it beats, emptying all my blood now so cold
with fatigue it slows down cursing me for it’s fate
pain so awful, burns more like wounds of old
my pulse so pounding, hunger for death i can’t sate

i should have been gone now, banished to the deepest pits
why i still writhe in this drama of pain, pooling blood on stage
another sun on my face, why so long, when i said quits
lived a life full of lies, can’t live more to write another page

death it never comes for me, i still endure this freakish hell
sun it peaks, triumphant now burning rays on my pale face
oh so terrible that i wanted to find solace in deepest hell
clotting blood around me now, betrayed even by death’s embrace

take me to your refuge, oh angel of the fallen
denied life and now denied death i wanted to be mine
believed in all lies they taught, now i feel stolen
waiting for something in between, my soul lay supine

The Sacrifice

the wheel keeps turning on
churning lives under it’s hold
as days and nights passes by
there is a story never before told

a long time ago on a moonlit night
someone holding a lantern tight
entered a dim lit cave
somewhere by a dark vale

was trying not to tremble
wanted to meet the ensemble
gathered together for a rite
to ask for forgiveness at the site

there was shapes holding torches
and there was flowing speeches
there was also an order
to sacrifice the offender

someone was bound by an altar
someone held candles to the brightest star
and chanted mystic words to a masked god
while on the altar someone burned

the wheel keep turning around
while the wind blows down
life perish on forgotten altars
forgotten even by those prayed upon