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Tainted Land


blue is the color
of this frozen land
born out of ancient
fallacy of man

crimson is the color
of blood lust defiled skies
swallowing dust and ash
are these cancerous clouds

unopened flowers wither lay frozen
petals petrified in staring gazes
winter gales reign as the chosen
over icy remains of charred wood
this tainted land stay barren
soiled by subtle remains
of deeds better left unsaid
this tainted land shiver frozen
in shame hides her naked frame
covered in a shroud of ashen ice
the final shreds of a forgotten
heaven falls down from the skies
tearing apart wings fate dies
leaving shattered feathers
floating in icy waters

this land aches abandoned
by mankind dead by own hand
when grayness takes over
falls silent this grieving land


After Midnight Hours

all sorts of people convene
at the riverside bar
where pounding blaring sounds spar
with lights of multitude colors
red yellow blue and green
churning they whirl and twirl
falling on the nicest curves
in sweetest ecstasy
grooving to enchanting tunes
grooving while eyes observe
from that corner table
a hand caressing a glass
with a twitch of smile in the corner
salty lips savor time to get over
drowning in fuel to channel
light at the end of the tunnel

A Doll Laments (A Toy’s Story)

i was polished and shining, my frock of velvet blue
socks of silky white and shoes of plastic black
a dad’s gift to his lovely angel he held dear
on a birthday bash i saw the light of day

the light of day and the shine in your eyes
you hugged him, with me pressed in between
i heard you say i love you daddy, so much
and soon i became your new toy and love too

when you pressed me on the front
i said “hello hello oh my dear”
with my voice crystal clear
loud and proud, i was the queen

in your tea party i occupied the prime spot
deep in you where it beats, but so long ago
oh how time flies and changes, “hello hello”
now it seems like ages ago, “oh my dear”

now i see the ages with my glassy eyes
with it’s fading shine my vision blurs
and around me my world now crumbles
it will do because you are no more

i’m no more too, my limbs i can’t find
dismembered but i didn’t shed any blood
i’m of plastic but i felt the pain like you
about you who shed blood while i blurred

you screamed pain and fear, “oh my dear”
still i felt the purity deep in your voice
crystal clear and beyond what i could
i felt shame about my only “hello hello”

and it was to shame you finally succumbed
wet my velvet frock with your tears and blood red
you ripped my limbs in your pain which i felt magnified
infinite times because i was your dear love

it was your blood that bastard finally drew
to hide forever his crime, the one i witnessed
i wanted to curse him to hell and deep beyond
but all i could say was “hello hello oh my dear”

my eyes went bloodshot with tears i couldn’t cry
your blood which soaked my eyes and all left of me
left disfigured trampled and choked just like you
just like so, they found us both in a deep ditch

they buried you deep again but now in a box
i felt the mourners wail and a dad’s silence
lost his voice in shock and loss of what was dear
in heaviness of that mourning autumn “oh my dear”

then they threw me in a box with all your memories
and hid in a dusty cellar where i now reside
i cherish the days of long ago, oh how i want it back
“hello hello” i have story to tell but no one to hear

The Tomorrow

i switch on the lights . . .
now i see a photograph
of us together, from a time
when we was still together
still smiling like children
like children in the dawn
the mischief
the gleam in your eyes
the ghost of our lives
when we still believed
there was no tomorrow

i switch off the lights . . .
now i see darkness
i see myself alone, in a time
when nothing seems to hold on
the sadness, the regret, the parting
life after dusk
when everything i believed on
has finally faded away
leaving the ghost of myself
to linger on
in my tomorrow

Reclaimed By Dark Seas

the silence of your empty heart
pouring from your blurry eyes
when you got no more words to say
no more roads to walk together

the paths you walked holding hands
on the sands of an island heart
are gone, washed by raging seas
bought storms over your crown

enshrined tightly shining lightly
in the brightest rays of twilight moon
the one ring you clutch and hold so dear
a last gift for the raging seas

in the boredom you tried to kill
are disillusioned thoughts eating
your weeping black heart
silently gone, last bits of sanity

resigned thoughts silently sought
in the deepest pits of dark blue seas
a distant echo calls your denied soul
for a different salvation denied to others

entwined tightly resenting lightly
waters embrace your last breath
all memories erased and replaced
by empty redemption you sought

A Forgotten Shrine

at then end of the long winding down
there is a shady groove renown
falling autumn leaves crisp and brown
feel of the breezy air is all around

beside the shady autumn groove
weathering the ages is a proven shrine
beneath the cloven bark weevils dine
without even a gush, silent shades move

standing guard through the endless ages
a shrine where inscribed within are tales of esteem
as even memories faded within the stone pages
shadow faced shades yearn for their lost redeem

fables to be recited in full born pride
but tales long ago forgotten by bards
are inscribed on stone plates inside
much of them are in ruined shards

along the walls of the crumbling shrine
vines of ivy root and blossoms bloom
even as sunlight weakly shine
carved by ages is a shady gloom

never shall a bard tread the winding down
never shall they grace the ivy stone walls
in a willed search for lost fables of renown
because only shades wait as time falls

No. 45 revisited

summer mornings, chirping birds awoke me
bright daylight sparkled on the silent stream
evening whisper of grass a soothing lullaby be
lanterns played with moonlight as i lived the dream

memories of long ago weeps
to warm my broken heart
as the fading sense of reality seeps
darkness hit me swift as a dart

we met a not so long ago
in a dark and misty railway station
while the engines cranked their ego
carriages full of flowing elation

you showed me the way the nearest
not that i blame you for this loose
but why not mister dearest
give me a chance to choose

i remember as we laid on the sheet
slivery darts from below took your life
the sound of life as your heart beat
you took the high window my deepest strife

the graveyard sways calm in the autumn wind
as your crumbled bones and soil entwine
i know not your name nor how to find
so rest mister in your unmarked shrine