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The Beach Run

i want to run with you like a feather
hands clasped tightly together
these countless beaches shall inspire
words of love just set in your name
your sweet looks from the corner
of your eyes i shall cherish forever

footsteps in the sandy beaches
i love the sight of our winding ways
though they get washed the sea
love it because it’s by you and me

when darkness give way to light
i want to watch the sun rise
bask it it’s heavenly glory
with you by my side

my beating heart ever wants you near
i love my dream with no sadness or fear
forever is the word i want to whisper
forever i will be yours

beauty you are eternally sweet
every glance at me shall shrink deep
in to my heart which is fine
because forever you shall be mine

you are my guiding light
the only candle by my side
you are the stars i hide my pocket
my feelings flowing from every socket
is etched with your name
love shall be forever same


Shatter Not My Rooks

my heart is for you
shatter not my rooks

i built my castles high
grey is it’s shadow in the morning light
grey banners sway in the purple sky
grey like me but behold the sight
coz in my heart i built for you
queer the colors but bear with me
coz in my heart i built for you

shatter not my rooks
shatter not my heart