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The Dreamer Paints

with wide eyes every dawn i wake
when the morning wind beckons
and blows open my doors

it takes me hand in hand and walk
side by side through new doors
shows dreams sweeter than before

because i’m a forever daydreamer
wrapped tightly in sweet memories
i fly around new cloud castles

my friend the wind is my redeemer
it tells me new stories
secrets passed only lips to ears

opens every vestige of my mind
it wakes my ever sleepy muse
sets up an easel i never refuse

makes me work on a blank canvas
to paint my ethereal visions
guided by my magical brush

my muse now awake and smiling
she sends me colors in the wind
sealed with a silent kiss


Aurora (Stars Shall Sway)

slowly falls the raindrops
it’s heavenly hymn in the air
slowly she dances the dance
a mystery glows in her hair
when moonlight shines abound
she frolics around the wolves
she paints her pictures
from hues of northern lights

from her lantern of shimmering light
she makes the colors shine bright
then with lithe strokes she paints
in vivid details these endless nights
when she is one with the moonlight
she dances around the milky way
singing an ancient melody
to make those stars sway

slowly falls the raindrops
in her fairy brush strokes
these ebony nights dissolve
into endless starry hues
when nature sleeps safe and sound
awake she works her dancing magic
hiding from behind silky clouds
stars she painted are smiling

set in colors by this ancient melody
silvery drops falls from her ivory frame
from her pale hands and warmly gaze
fragile webs of destiny she weaves
where speed and beauty entwines
dance is the name of the game
in her ancient melody
those stars shall sway

Boy Like A Butterfly (and the critters of his mind)

in this open fields where grass grow tall
sheathed within pods of silver white
are critters of vivid colors and small
sleeping, waiting for the day of flight

while dewdrops adorn the morning grass
he hums the tune of a early butterfly
flute music in harmony with a dancing lass
while around her swaying arms morning birds fly

with spring flowers blooming like lace
growing with grace on the earth’s face
colors of a butterfly is in the melody he sings
his vibe is on a story how critters grow wings

he hears the whispering voice of lusty wind
as he watches her grace playing with his mind
within his mind’s eye her tricks runs deep inside
silently pushing him to the brink, senses collide

the critters of his mind, encrusted in a silver sheath
sway in harmony with the tune he choose to play
silently her charm is what conjure love from beneath
critters grew wings in tune with his melody this day

Reclaimed By Dark Seas

the silence of your empty heart
pouring from your blurry eyes
when you got no more words to say
no more roads to walk together

the paths you walked holding hands
on the sands of an island heart
are gone, washed by raging seas
bought storms over your crown

enshrined tightly shining lightly
in the brightest rays of twilight moon
the one ring you clutch and hold so dear
a last gift for the raging seas

in the boredom you tried to kill
are disillusioned thoughts eating
your weeping black heart
silently gone, last bits of sanity

resigned thoughts silently sought
in the deepest pits of dark blue seas
a distant echo calls your denied soul
for a different salvation denied to others

entwined tightly resenting lightly
waters embrace your last breath
all memories erased and replaced
by empty redemption you sought

A Life To Die For

suddenly sometimes ago in my past
an angel showed me a distant light
took my hand and whispered softly
urged to search for solace in light

i was her lusty firefly
craved for her fragrant light
fell for the burning flame inside
fated to writhe on my ashed wings

it tore my heart into strings
which strummed the words i wrote
burned the blood when it still moved
which now flows from the holes in me

everything was way out of touch
a feeling that i once loved
never believed that i was again capable
of falling in love with the hated love

for you i said those words
and i mean that i will do so
“every tear of yours is worth the smiles
of a life i wished to die for”

A Raid On A Seaport

look into me what you can see now
deep branches of my heart rooted to the soil
how i ended up this way i wonder how
from a vacant point let me shed my foil

how you reached my shore is a far fetched mystery
how we entwined in tears is a heartfelt misery

behind the lines of brazen shores they fought
enemies of you and me for their utmost agony
does the crimson skies shed a drop of doubt
in the name of red oceans crying for my bloody glory

their cries drowned in the ocean howl
your sword slashed countless creatures foul

into the ocean burning ships shed their charred ash
behind the crimson sphere on our decaying skies
does the flames leave a thought to dash
about the souls now burning in our pyre of lies

let fallen souls curse us in a glaring hiss
but let our last embrace end in a warm kiss

my blood i pledged to you in your name
let the oceans claim you back to where you belong
every drop of blood you shed enhanced my shame
my numb remains are now rooted to the soil i belong


a glorified plain in a deep shade of orange
is a spreading valley far beyond the horizon
to a new dawn behind the setting sun
a beaten path leads on to forage
on enchanted valleys far ahead
riding on the path instinct showed
running fast along the beaten road
strength is the scent of the evening tide
which leads the crowd back to rest
echoes on water a predator’s soft ride
scenting for a fresh prey in to a test
waiting for a call from the moon
to know that the pack is on hunt
lead heads rout the crowd soon
before the weak succumbs to the hunt
freedom is the color on the skies
hoofs sound in the flowing water
as they run for shade together
far away from the predator’s reaches
wind flows through their golden mane
the valley is their possession
far from the hunter’s obsession
pride is the gleam in their eyes