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Give Way To Darkness

tell me why, this fading light
is the one i should cling to
and should linger on and on
drinking it’s fading colors

let me drown deep and deeper
in the darkness that await
beyond for me and just for me
let this light give way for me

let me embrace this darkness
make me swim in this black ink
let me color myself black
and forget that light existed


A Raid On A Seaport

look into me what you can see now
deep branches of my heart rooted to the soil
how i ended up this way i wonder how
from a vacant point let me shed my foil

how you reached my shore is a far fetched mystery
how we entwined in tears is a heartfelt misery

behind the lines of brazen shores they fought
enemies of you and me for their utmost agony
does the crimson skies shed a drop of doubt
in the name of red oceans crying for my bloody glory

their cries drowned in the ocean howl
your sword slashed countless creatures foul

into the ocean burning ships shed their charred ash
behind the crimson sphere on our decaying skies
does the flames leave a thought to dash
about the souls now burning in our pyre of lies

let fallen souls curse us in a glaring hiss
but let our last embrace end in a warm kiss

my blood i pledged to you in your name
let the oceans claim you back to where you belong
every drop of blood you shed enhanced my shame
my numb remains are now rooted to the soil i belong

The Sacrifice

the wheel keeps turning on
churning lives under it’s hold
as days and nights passes by
there is a story never before told

a long time ago on a moonlit night
someone holding a lantern tight
entered a dim lit cave
somewhere by a dark vale

was trying not to tremble
wanted to meet the ensemble
gathered together for a rite
to ask for forgiveness at the site

there was shapes holding torches
and there was flowing speeches
there was also an order
to sacrifice the offender

someone was bound by an altar
someone held candles to the brightest star
and chanted mystic words to a masked god
while on the altar someone burned

the wheel keep turning around
while the wind blows down
life perish on forgotten altars
forgotten even by those prayed upon

My Silent Melody

a story in her starry eyes
something sweet and light
dance in the groovy moonlight
to my silent melody

it is a story ancient and never known
it is a symphony played under the forest groove
of magic age old and mystery foretold
diamonds grow in the deepest reaches
rubies guide the light furthest down
emeralds shine in grottos beneath earthen caves
under the forest groove to my music
light shines in her amethyst eyes

starry light from the moonshine
fallen from heavens far away
the skies shine in ancient light
in her eyes echoes my silent melody

it is a symphony played beneath moss grown soil
a story of hearts lost within deepest slumbers
she calls ethereal light to shine on the forest groove
silver light came to dance on her lithe frame
she calls the wolves in a language they only understand
they came to prod her hand with wet noses
myriad colors to shine in the northern lights
are hidden deep in the grottos beneath the forest groove

a strange cycle turns beyond nature
thousand ages have passed beyond recall
still in her eyes echoes my silent melody
a story i weaved before the existence of time


a blank mind?
write a memo
on a yellow paper

on my hand lies my heart
yes i plucked it out
just for you to see if it beats
to see if it seeps
blood of crimson red

To Take You Sweetly. . .

toss a coin if you cannot decide
i see the closed curtains where you reside
melt the coin in to a silver dart
i see the eerie shadows play on your hearth

if you cannot decide yet bring in the wine
i hear baying hounds in the yard as you dine
take a sip and clear your clouded mind
i hear the mourning violins playing your requiem

touch your broken lips feel the biting cold
i hear your sweet breath whispering your last song
hold tight your dart hear what your beating heart says
i see the weak glow dancing on your candles

if you still cannot decide take a deep breath
believe in your dart look behind your back
i bought you a gift of silver doused in wine
. . . to take you sweetly