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After Midnight Hours

all sorts of people convene
at the riverside bar
where pounding blaring sounds spar
with lights of multitude colors
red yellow blue and green
churning they whirl and twirl
falling on the nicest curves
in sweetest ecstasy
grooving to enchanting tunes
grooving while eyes observe
from that corner table
a hand caressing a glass
with a twitch of smile in the corner
salty lips savor time to get over
drowning in fuel to channel
light at the end of the tunnel


Aurora (Stars Shall Sway)

slowly falls the raindrops
it’s heavenly hymn in the air
slowly she dances the dance
a mystery glows in her hair
when moonlight shines abound
she frolics around the wolves
she paints her pictures
from hues of northern lights

from her lantern of shimmering light
she makes the colors shine bright
then with lithe strokes she paints
in vivid details these endless nights
when she is one with the moonlight
she dances around the milky way
singing an ancient melody
to make those stars sway

slowly falls the raindrops
in her fairy brush strokes
these ebony nights dissolve
into endless starry hues
when nature sleeps safe and sound
awake she works her dancing magic
hiding from behind silky clouds
stars she painted are smiling

set in colors by this ancient melody
silvery drops falls from her ivory frame
from her pale hands and warmly gaze
fragile webs of destiny she weaves
where speed and beauty entwines
dance is the name of the game
in her ancient melody
those stars shall sway