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Sweet Embrace

in the rain

let worlds melt in pattering drops
yet aches these two pounding hearts
may the pain for once blur away
in these soothing heavenly tears

just for one final moment
all memories of yesterdays
let them fade away
let them please give way

just for one final embrace
before reality shatters
our castles of sand
and tears us apart

as a tsunami wave
time shall finally come
when worlds shall make us part
with eyes raining tears we depart

written for the prompt Poets United The Thursday Think Tank #67 – Rain


Departure On Roads To Insanity (A Poem In 3 Parts)

–[DEPARTURE]is it time for our departure on these roads?

all this sane brain
washed in cold rain
leaves only disdain
and dreadful pain

where is the miracle drug
which can kill this bug
of memories hard to avert
and cure this swollen hurt

when it rain it does rain so hard
all left in hand is this final card
and nothing but a throbbing heart
and an intense desire to depart

–[ROADS]are these the roads we tread searching for sanity?

memories all condemned fake
with no leftover desires to make
salvation becomes the last word in mind
so are there anymore roads left to find

roads where pure joy fills a pained soul
to drown in desire of a new found goal
to wake pure everyday as a newborn foal
and immerse in a drama with a new role

roads to salvage wounded pride
where a cure to all ailments reside
where love is boundless and wide
and can clean this despair from inside

–[INSANITY]did those roads lead us to our lost sanity?

when this path of reason disintegrate
this train of thought finally will derail

down the drain flows sanity
with all of yesterday’s vanity
sense of logic is now failing
in this vortex it’s sailing

memories now fail to arrive
through this waves they dive
flashes of different lives
colors of all radiant hues

leaving behind only this insanity
an illusion of alternative reality
in a different dimension
beyond comprehension

this path of reason had disintegrated
this train of thought finally derailed

Vortex (Memories Of A Ghostly Encounter)

her name is what i write on water
and does she know my feelings for her
i just cannot hold my breath further
if it was another place we would end up together

my thoughts drown in a spinning vortex
all my memories of her favorite smile
it is her face i tried to draw on sand
before my mind went totally blank
she was too fragile to touch
she was too far away to kiss
only a promise of a distant meeting
kept me going for so long
now i want to drown in a spinning vortex

and will she ever recognize me
if i was in plain sight for her to see
i just cannot leave and say so let it be
because i’m deep into the vortex which is me

i just cannot hold my breath further
we should have end up together

Thought I Was (Deceiving Grace)

over the valley is the cooling breeze
but all over the sky is written your deceiving grace
in my fading love craving for your embrace
i remember your dreadful promise of silence

in your embrace i wanted to cuddle tight
thought you are my knight in shining armour
but you made me feel like falling leaves of autumn wind
memories of last summer is now a bitter taste

i thought i was the queen when we played the board game
but you mated my queen with your knights and pawns
never i thought my fate was written in the sixty four squares
never did i realize the board game will be played on my life

i thought i was the queen of the card deck
but you held all your aces tight to your chest
i built a card castle and you shattered it with a poke
all i thought was it is not for real and it was just a joke

i thought i was the queen of your heart when we walked on the beach
it was all i wanted to believe when we held our hands tight
i searched for warmth in your embrace when cold winds blew
never i believed blowing winds echoed the coldness in you

i thought i was the queen when we played in the moonlit barn
you was my bard in my court of golden hay and ripe corn
in a deep voice you sang a sad song of swans and a betrayed princess
never i dreamt in your chords was written my soon to be empty fate

over the valley the breeze is getting colder
it is the autumn winds echoing the coming winter
my crown shattered with summer i wanted to last forever
all i can do now is bury my heart in freezing snow

footsteps we walked are now swallowed by the salty sea
now i see for real all your promises were fake
as i watch the setting sun slowly but disappear
i see all over the sky is written your deceiving grace

The Elder

when you feel like its all over
all you can do is fly
when your soul counts the daylight stars
all you can do is try

beside the solemn lake shore
silent and serene as ever been
if you hear the long grass whisper
it is never strange, promise i have seen

on the endless plains you roam
coolness of breeze lifts your spirits
if you see the patterns the wind drew
it is never strange, i swear to no limits

when you feel like the moon is singing
all you can do is abide
when ancient trees bow to your presence
all you can do is guide

as you move deep in the moonlit path
the wolf pack tread silent and low
if you heed their calling to you
it is never strange, accept the flow

under ancient grooves of wooden heart
fables of lore are read all aloud
if you understand the mystic words
it is never strange, you are allowed

when the mantle passes on to you
take it with all your heart and soul
when they all call you elder
all you can do is bow

Forever. . .

stay close heart by heart
hold my hand sweetheart
whisper sweet and quite
promise to be forever mine
forever you are mine

starlit skies in the night endless and high
wonder why they didn’t paint stars for morning light
ancient fables painted in the night sky
you know what they say

lay in the grassy meadow side by side
listen to the rustle of the early leaves
murmur the coming of the breezy spring
you know what they say

promise to be forever mine
i will unlock the endless starry sky
i know the fables the grassy meadows hide
i will tell you all the secrets of ancient lore
if you promise to be forever mine
forever you are mine