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A Far Away Fantasy

a blowing feather in the wind
far away beyond the mortal lands it swept
to a stranger sense of reality
and far away on a tombstone it landed

someone still bites the soil beneath
still breaths the musty air
waiting till the omens come true
for a second chance in revenge

buried alive beneath the soil
made to endure the darkest vile
someone waits for the calling
closed eyes shining with malice

day the eyes will open again
thunder will crack the blowing winds
worlds far away will be cleansed
by lightning flowing from a burning heart

will cleanse the deceit and betrayal endured
so shall the innocent weep blood with sorrow
darkest shades of mist will swallow the sun
a thousand flags shall fall in to dust

a broken feather swept past a tombstone
no more strength left to blow away
the call of mortal lands it hears far away
but fading to a stranger sense of reality


The Elder

when you feel like its all over
all you can do is fly
when your soul counts the daylight stars
all you can do is try

beside the solemn lake shore
silent and serene as ever been
if you hear the long grass whisper
it is never strange, promise i have seen

on the endless plains you roam
coolness of breeze lifts your spirits
if you see the patterns the wind drew
it is never strange, i swear to no limits

when you feel like the moon is singing
all you can do is abide
when ancient trees bow to your presence
all you can do is guide

as you move deep in the moonlit path
the wolf pack tread silent and low
if you heed their calling to you
it is never strange, accept the flow

under ancient grooves of wooden heart
fables of lore are read all aloud
if you understand the mystic words
it is never strange, you are allowed

when the mantle passes on to you
take it with all your heart and soul
when they all call you elder
all you can do is bow

An Elegy for the Fallen

dispel all the darkness in your eyes
wipe all the tears you tried to cry
your heart is not feeling any more
embrace the numbness as you fade

on this cruel morning autumn winds blow
as leaves fall on your unmarked grave
your name shall not be called anymore
embrace the forgotten as you fall

sacred moments of candlelight memories
burned as flames faded with smoke
incense heavy spells snared souls
icy cold as mist drained the blood

as our rolling fate became clear
the end was reached but was end nevermore
a cruel game of chance played wild
we all hung our heads in shame

as the dusk drew near
we embraced the mist covered shades of fear
dewdrops icy cold dripped on the scorched earth
the last of the fallen were rising again

as the dawn was called
we embraced illusions of the beaten
blood dripped to quench molten fires of pain
the last ones were laid fallen again

this emptiness blurred our vision
muted summons faded in the autumn winds
dreams of forlorn hope was our mission
as our last drops of life dripped bare

wipe all the mist on your pale body
drape in moss you loved to embrace
your soul is not breathing anymore
embrace the coldness as you die

a fable i remember in your cadence
as fading memories weaken my last hold
now hold no more and release your breath
you was nobody but a pawn of prophecy