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Sweet Embrace

in the rain

let worlds melt in pattering drops
yet aches these two pounding hearts
may the pain for once blur away
in these soothing heavenly tears

just for one final moment
all memories of yesterdays
let them fade away
let them please give way

just for one final embrace
before reality shatters
our castles of sand
and tears us apart

as a tsunami wave
time shall finally come
when worlds shall make us part
with eyes raining tears we depart

written for the prompt Poets United The Thursday Think Tank #67 – Rain


Feelings For Rain

another rainy day to be wasted inside
still wonder why the raindrops splatter
making puddles in the clay roads outside
should have drenched some other land that matter

boredom can’t be cured by a bleary cursor
of a dusty old computer screen
rain calls for eerie sense of a looser
when the sun would have called for a ball team

they would have played out in the sun
with laughter and heartfelt smiles to shine
it was just ok to have some fun
but this drizzle broke dreams and more plans than fine

sun should have called the beauties out
should have dragged them to a park on a date
rain broke plans made them complain and doubt
made another day wasted on bed with a wet taste