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Sunless Days

tell me how
i burned to ashes
now in dust covered
this pale ivory frame
of mine

tell me will you
tales of sunless days
since now the flame is gone
you the exhausted globe
becomes mine

do you feel it
flames turned to dust
feet rested on rust
this end
is ours

oh sunless earth
i pity your horizons
now left to dark and gloom
this ending
is yours and mine


Innocence Wanted

lost innocence imprisoned cries for times of past
where believing everything is true forever did last
frosted face pressed by this window this pane of cold glass
lay thinking of gold and silver in this land of pale graying brass

gold and silver shining like pure and heavenly auburn
dreamed about sunsets on an emerald grassy meadow
wished to be pure and untainted a child freshly born
to smile and laugh that tinkling laugh when time did allow

run around to steal soft kisses from dew clad grass
then an innocent heart counted time for a day to pass
but not for an end but just for sparkling stars to shine high
to hear silent lullabies light years ago etched in this sky

now here lays this frozen face pressed on cold glass
thinking of broken love lost friends and a betrayed past
counting coins to meet ends of life in pain ever last
dreaming of innocence lost drop by drop as time did pass

Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award
My fellow blogger in this twisty and turning but endless blogosphere, abichica from chicpress has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. WOW Thanks a lot dear 🙂 She got such an awesome blog, which you would not regret visiting. A talented poet and writer, keeps me hooked with her short story in installments, which I clamor to read till the end. This award thing, at first got me a bit confused but after researching a bit, I was able to digest what this award means. Being nominated is kind of considered as winning. I feel so honored.  And there are several official rules involved in order to accept the award:

  1. Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to his/her blog.
  2. Next nominate 15 bloggers for this award and notify them about the nomination.
  3. Finally, tell readers seven things about yourself.

I’m really delighted to be nominated for this award but as per official rules, but I would not be able to fulfill the second rule:

You must create a list of 15 blogs that you enjoy most and link to those as well. Then you must go and tell them you have nominated them. That means if you do not have 15, you cannot do this step. If you do not complete this step, then you cannot claim this award.

I don’t have 15 on my blogroll (I was oblivious to its charms and was lazy to grow the list) and neither do I closely interact with other bloggers, due to many reasons including lack of time to dedicated blog surfing and commenting. (and I’m slow in making friends) I’m deeply saddened, that I’m not eligible to accept the award. But I consider this a moment to introduce some blogs which I feel deserve more attention and encouragement. And also some established ones which I consider inspiring and deserving to be read.

To Fly Without Wings

i woke one autumn morning
a crispy golden feeling
in the air a new dawn flows
and by my window wind blows
trees sway bare with leaves falling
on crystal water sending ripples
sparkling drops splatter around
distorting a mirror of sky above

i look up at the autumn sky
tiny speckles are moving away
in a file of dots further away
i do realize what i do see
swans are finally flying high
i was bound to fly i do agree
if only i had grown wings
that favor was not gifted to me

but i am not sad even a tad
a gift born out of the kernel
is snuggled safe and warm
by me is my love so eternal
springs are for love newborn
nourished in summer days
in autumns when the leaves fall
love grows strong cozy and warm

i look at this spreading field
coated in endless auburn leaves
rustling playfully to wind they yield
i guess the earth feels warm tonight
in its coat of auburn leaves
beside me is my gift my love
my beauty my wings of freedom
the only crowned one in my kingdom

in this new dawn of autumn
i relish every feeling golden
when wind echoes in playful blows
and come up knocking at my door
for wings i don’t crave anymore
because my love makes me believe
i can trace the path a leaf weave
i can fly higher without wings

Captured Motionless

.:in sleepless nights:.
in sleepless nights
.:i give up:.
i give up (more…)


Confidence . . . It’s word that doesn’t come up much to my conscious world these days, maybe it’s buried deep within my subconscious clashing around with those horrid, weird dynamics Freud seemed to explain with such clarity that even a dog would understand, well not me. My confidence is buried, maybe even deeper into my unconscious that I don’t even feel for it’s existence. How pitiful when you find yourself unable to look at a person in the eyes, when you lose your general swagger which accompanies your speech, in fact your speech is now staggering blabbering muttering incomprehensible and repetitive. You had lost all your sense of achievement and no longer feel the urge to survive competition. There is a sense of failure. You had given up.


Departure On Roads To Insanity (A Poem In 3 Parts)

–[DEPARTURE]is it time for our departure on these roads?

all this sane brain
washed in cold rain
leaves only disdain
and dreadful pain

where is the miracle drug
which can kill this bug
of memories hard to avert
and cure this swollen hurt

when it rain it does rain so hard
all left in hand is this final card
and nothing but a throbbing heart
and an intense desire to depart

–[ROADS]are these the roads we tread searching for sanity?

memories all condemned fake
with no leftover desires to make
salvation becomes the last word in mind
so are there anymore roads left to find

roads where pure joy fills a pained soul
to drown in desire of a new found goal
to wake pure everyday as a newborn foal
and immerse in a drama with a new role

roads to salvage wounded pride
where a cure to all ailments reside
where love is boundless and wide
and can clean this despair from inside

–[INSANITY]did those roads lead us to our lost sanity?

when this path of reason disintegrate
this train of thought finally will derail

down the drain flows sanity
with all of yesterday’s vanity
sense of logic is now failing
in this vortex it’s sailing

memories now fail to arrive
through this waves they dive
flashes of different lives
colors of all radiant hues

leaving behind only this insanity
an illusion of alternative reality
in a different dimension
beyond comprehension

this path of reason had disintegrated
this train of thought finally derailed