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Captured Motionless

.:in sleepless nights:.
in sleepless nights
.:i give up:.
i give up (more…)


Phoenix Rises

one day i shall give way
one day shall be my end
nothing will forever last
the end it comes so fast

one day i shall give way
fire turns to ashes come the day
embers shall dress this night sky
again for the final time i will fly

. . .

when embers dress this night sky
when falling ashes turn to dust
from those ashes shall i rise
a new flame will be in my eyes

i will fly again shining bright
glide between snowy mountains high
in flames i shall set my path alight
inspire thousands with flaming might

as ancient embers fade
old dreams shall wane
when the phoenix rise
new dreams will arise


Confidence . . . It’s word that doesn’t come up much to my conscious world these days, maybe it’s buried deep within my subconscious clashing around with those horrid, weird dynamics Freud seemed to explain with such clarity that even a dog would understand, well not me. My confidence is buried, maybe even deeper into my unconscious that I don’t even feel for it’s existence. How pitiful when you find yourself unable to look at a person in the eyes, when you lose your general swagger which accompanies your speech, in fact your speech is now staggering blabbering muttering incomprehensible and repetitive. You had lost all your sense of achievement and no longer feel the urge to survive competition. There is a sense of failure. You had given up.