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Feeling Lighter

finally i will fly
i can touch for real
this blue sky
this feeling overwhelms
as i lay suspended
in limbo

emotions and memories
from a not so distant past
broken hearts and empty bottles
all those heavy worries
and forever saying sorries
blurs away when i close my eyes
this blue sky i float
lightens my sorrow
fades away my sorrow
this dream i dream
leaves no tomorrow
to wake up again
my dream will forever last
no more pain to bury
no more deviations from sober
this limbo takes me over

finally i will not fall
i can touch for real
this blue sky
this feeling overwhelms
sorrows shall disappear fast
my dream will forever last

written for prompt: Poets United Midnight Snack (005)


Winter Moon

look down at me winter moon so blue
these auburn forests dare hide thee
so look from behind their rustling twigs
come back enshroud me in your magic

we made hay in the autumn
our barns are full thanks good fortune
those fields we toiled are now bare
our frozen lake is now crystal clear

my barn is warm but my soul is cold
so with emptiness i tread this land
violin in hand and a tune in heart
to spend a lonely night by the lake

i like how it mirrors your silvery hair
and etched within ice is your smile
my forever childish soul does care
about winters long ago past
oh my moon how so fast
this emptiness shroud my soul
these shadows cloud my mind

with frozen tears i look at your sky
with heaviness i set my violin to chin
and i will strum this saddening melody
that i can’t play at harvest nights

oh winter moon so blue
come back to earth
my violin tugs for you
come back to earth
my strings tugs for you
so again let us play on ice
let me connect eye to eye
for a kiss oh i can’t reach
beauty oh why so shy
dear you are so high

Aurora (Stars Shall Sway)

slowly falls the raindrops
it’s heavenly hymn in the air
slowly she dances the dance
a mystery glows in her hair
when moonlight shines abound
she frolics around the wolves
she paints her pictures
from hues of northern lights

from her lantern of shimmering light
she makes the colors shine bright
then with lithe strokes she paints
in vivid details these endless nights
when she is one with the moonlight
she dances around the milky way
singing an ancient melody
to make those stars sway

slowly falls the raindrops
in her fairy brush strokes
these ebony nights dissolve
into endless starry hues
when nature sleeps safe and sound
awake she works her dancing magic
hiding from behind silky clouds
stars she painted are smiling

set in colors by this ancient melody
silvery drops falls from her ivory frame
from her pale hands and warmly gaze
fragile webs of destiny she weaves
where speed and beauty entwines
dance is the name of the game
in her ancient melody
those stars shall sway

Phoenix Rises

one day i shall give way
one day shall be my end
nothing will forever last
the end it comes so fast

one day i shall give way
fire turns to ashes come the day
embers shall dress this night sky
again for the final time i will fly

. . .

when embers dress this night sky
when falling ashes turn to dust
from those ashes shall i rise
a new flame will be in my eyes

i will fly again shining bright
glide between snowy mountains high
in flames i shall set my path alight
inspire thousands with flaming might

as ancient embers fade
old dreams shall wane
when the phoenix rise
new dreams will arise


to a faraway fantasy
to my island beyond
waters soundly blue
take me with you
take me in your wings
to my home of solitude

while i dream of lands yonder
wide eyes awake in wonder
make me fly higher
let me feel lighter

i want to forget
all my troubles
and all my fears
i want to snuggle and cuddle
to whisper sweetness
in my dream of solitude

let my fantasy fly
towards new dreams
to set my eye
i want my ecstasy cry
for dreams of more
make me imagine further
about lands yonder

make me fly higher
let me feel lighter

Heaven Can Wait

there is beauty within
places near and far away
those so tiny and those so mighty
in every corner dark and alight
every smile and tear
sets into love so dear

i love to sing a lullaby
in this moonlight
counting stars and smiles
wait for my dream to set
in this starry night
let my princess of hearts
whisper softly and caress my hair

i love to bask in the sun
with my dearest
till this tan is done
in all things blue and green
i look for sky and grass
this garden of my life
is where i have always been

i look for faraway mountains
look back her starry glances
would love to imagine
that my beauty dances
to my flute by the fountains
my heart beat countless
beats my love so boundless

i watch every dusky evening
heaven is alive in my abode
on this moist dreamy earth
my love takes me higher
i desire for no rebirth
nor any awakening
from this endless dreaming