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The Schizoid Suspect

they came every night in shrill voices
to talk about me how dull am i
in manic laughter to expose my vices
in my head tearing my every sigh

drained by every effort to shut their lies
now lay chained i am a promethean son
like a burning cauldron this pale mind cries
it stirs and boils till broth is done

their gaze left me in catatonic states
in this glass house they recited my every move
what became of me are there darker fates
on the witness stand my insanity they proved


Self Depreciation

praise they had it all flowing for me
but don’t know why i hate to admit
all the love they had set aside for me
why i want to deny all what they commit

i’m far intelligent and respected they all claim
stop now, keep aside your stupid self blame
appreciate your abilities, don’t deny the acclaim
but long gone, i feel is my desire for fame

where is my sense of enjoyment they ask
why don’t you love when all they do is admire
cannot decipher, why is your face a mask
is the flow a stranger to you, they inquire

feel like i have lost it all
all in a stupid race against time
time erased my pride to fight
fight made me weak and to regret
regret led to all the bitterness
bitterness against all is what i feel

admiration makes my deep bones rattle
send down electric shivers through my spine
my feelings shame me down to think i’m cattle
feel like want to wrap my head on twine

i hate when they say i’m a part of the cycle
and want to know why i missed the party
the cycle they can dispose and recycle
never did i care if they said i have lost my sanity

Stereotyped and Discriminated

As my good friend here uses to say, this world is full of stereotypes. I don’t know what put this wacky idea of applying the almighty self important theory of stereotyping to girls. Ya I mean how to stereotype girls.

Well you can get them in all sorts, thin and fat, tall and short, fair and dark. Thinking a bit deeper, you will find the playful sorts and serious sorts, the simple and the innocent. “Buddy, you will soon end with the dumb stereotype” chuckles my friend. “Take for example my next door aunt” Instinct tells me, he is now up to a long talk. “She uses to send me emails, then she would knock by my door and say Sonny I send you an email, check it.” My friend makes a pained face and demands, “If she can come up knocking at my door, why can’t she finish the story face to face instead of sending me stupid emails? Ya buddy there is your dumb stereotype” Declares my friend triumphantly. Hmm . . . forget that stereotype, by the way who am I to defend girls? (more…)