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The End That Never Comes

sun it rises, burning crimson rays on my window
it’s hopefully my last sun, oh so awful sight
now i’m weaker than my faint morning shadow
because i opened my veins to drain yesterday night

heart it beats, emptying all my blood now so cold
with fatigue it slows down cursing me for it’s fate
pain so awful, burns more like wounds of old
my pulse so pounding, hunger for death i can’t sate

i should have been gone now, banished to the deepest pits
why i still writhe in this drama of pain, pooling blood on stage
another sun on my face, why so long, when i said quits
lived a life full of lies, can’t live more to write another page

death it never comes for me, i still endure this freakish hell
sun it peaks, triumphant now burning rays on my pale face
oh so terrible that i wanted to find solace in deepest hell
clotting blood around me now, betrayed even by death’s embrace

take me to your refuge, oh angel of the fallen
denied life and now denied death i wanted to be mine
believed in all lies they taught, now i feel stolen
waiting for something in between, my soul lay supine


Reclaimed By Dark Seas

the silence of your empty heart
pouring from your blurry eyes
when you got no more words to say
no more roads to walk together

the paths you walked holding hands
on the sands of an island heart
are gone, washed by raging seas
bought storms over your crown

enshrined tightly shining lightly
in the brightest rays of twilight moon
the one ring you clutch and hold so dear
a last gift for the raging seas

in the boredom you tried to kill
are disillusioned thoughts eating
your weeping black heart
silently gone, last bits of sanity

resigned thoughts silently sought
in the deepest pits of dark blue seas
a distant echo calls your denied soul
for a different salvation denied to others

entwined tightly resenting lightly
waters embrace your last breath
all memories erased and replaced
by empty redemption you sought