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The Dreamer Paints

with wide eyes every dawn i wake
when the morning wind beckons
and blows open my doors

it takes me hand in hand and walk
side by side through new doors
shows dreams sweeter than before

because i’m a forever daydreamer
wrapped tightly in sweet memories
i fly around new cloud castles

my friend the wind is my redeemer
it tells me new stories
secrets passed only lips to ears

opens every vestige of my mind
it wakes my ever sleepy muse
sets up an easel i never refuse

makes me work on a blank canvas
to paint my ethereal visions
guided by my magical brush

my muse now awake and smiling
she sends me colors in the wind
sealed with a silent kiss


The Candle

i become one of the fallen
now let down and forgotten
to wither in the wind and mourn
like a candle about to burn

a candle once straight and firm
on top a crown of fire burned
now lay ashen wax fallen
in a mound liquid streaming

now i become that fallen candle
sorrow i have wrapped in a bundle
a mound of wax in deepest regret
tears streaming yet no one to cuddle